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Longblades October 4th, 2013 08:26 AM

Barking Mad - CBC's Marketplace 41st Season Airs With Show on Vet Fees Oct. 4, 2013

Who doesn't wonder if they are paying too much in Vet fees? Worse, if their Vet is just in it for the money? Think a lot of us will want to watch if we can. Check your TV listings for times in your time zone.

Tonight, Oct. 4, 2013

Putting here instead of Health in hopes of making more aware.

marko October 4th, 2013 09:26 AM

awesome thx for posting this! Looking VERY forward to this.

If there's an online link after the show airs, please feel free to post it here.
(I would do it myself - but we don't subscribe to any TV channels)

RUSTYcat October 4th, 2013 09:38 AM

Already, some very defensive remarks on the [B][I][COLOR="Blue"]blog[/COLOR][/I][/B] for this program




Koteburo October 4th, 2013 01:12 PM

Looking forward to watch it!!!
Now let us see the blog's defensive remarks :D

momoftwofuzzies October 4th, 2013 01:47 PM

Will have to check this out. That link above didn't work....try this one:

Longblades October 5th, 2013 07:22 AM

Well, I am pretty surprised that blond Vet allowed the footage of Marshall's visit to her clinic and the follow-up visit to be aired, she did not come across well.

Overall I found the show to be a disappointment. I guess it was obvious from the title, Vet Fees, but what about some of the other consequences of what those Vets suggested, or consequences of not doing what they suggested?

The dangers to our pets of over vaccination, vaccinating all at one time, which are legally required?

A too thin pet? A food with no meat in it?

The danger of contracting heartworm and how hard it is to get rid of it? The legality of refusing to prescribe heartworm preventative without a test, I still don't know if that is legal but Vets do refuse.

I like to make a decision on all the facts I can possibly dig up. Fees alone don't guide my decisions. I did change Vets once because of too high fees, 150% higher than my friends at two other Vets who liked their Vet as much as I liked mine. But I also discovered they were having me not only buy but give to my animals dangerous meds with serious side effects for ailments very uncommon in my area.

What did the rest of you think of the show?

I am in love with Marshall. :)

Koteburo October 6th, 2013 04:20 PM

About the blond vet I was surprised too at least she had the honesty to let the show present the case how it was and admitted her mistake, most people are incapable of that let alone on TV.
Fees don't entirely guide my decisions HOWEVER I do get that sense that the balance is a bit tilted against us (the companion animals care takers)
As I've always said by all means vets have the right to make a living but it is overpriced, not just the unnecessary things (sometimes unnecessary, not always) but overall a lot of them (not all) charge way too much for everything.
Honestly I shake in my boots every time I have to think of the dreadful bills a stress added to the already strong worry of having your beloved friend sick.
I think health care for pets should be more affordable, some people have the best intentions but mathematically it's just not possible to cover those bills and I don't want to hear the "they should have thought about that before getting an animal" because many people rescue animals from very desperate situations, give them a warm place to stay, daily meals to the best of their possibilities, love and care which is way better than leave them in a dumpster where they found them, in the rain or a harsh winter or on the verge of dying by neglect on the streets or from people's cruelty.
People that have the good heart to rescue those little angels should not be left in the dark without medical attention for their pets just because they don't make enough to cover the outrageous vet bills.
On the other side there are some more down to Earth honest vets that avoid over charging people.
More than focusing on the over priced fees the show was more focused on the tests that sometimes are not necessary and that's OK since the other point of view (like mine) could be subject of an endless debate so they kept it simple.

Barkingdog October 6th, 2013 04:57 PM

When I had my Standard Poodle who was my hearing dog I brought him to a new vet and the vet told me my dog had a heart murmur and he needed a $200 x ray right away . I did not let the vet give him a x ray so she said I would have to bring him for check up every 2 months so she could check his heart. I found another vet , as I knew that vet was out for the $$$ . Before any dog is trained to be a service dog they have get a medical check up to made sure they have no medical issues as it can from cost from $5,000 up to train a service dog . When that first vet saw my beautiful black Standard Poodle she had $$$ in her eyes. And that vet's office is under another vet's name now .

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