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sandyrivers September 30th, 2013 09:10 PM

Rescue needed in Montreal
Hi everyone,

I am really stressed out right now...
A co-worker of mine has a mommy cat and 3 kittens under her porch.
The mommy cat is an alley/feral cat.
The kittens are about 3 weeks to 1 month old.
My co-worker already has 5 cats and I have 9, none of us can be foster home for the kittens or the mommy cat.

So far it's only the beginning of October, and I told her the kittens would not freeze or die of cold, but it's getting urgent to find a rescue for them, at least to spay the mommy cat and find her a foster home... (at worst spay her and return her to the alley she always lived in, I know this sounds cruel, but it sounds even more cruel to send her to a place where she will be put down), and to spay/neuter the kittens and find them homes.

I don't even know if I'm making sense right now... I am so concerned with this little family living outdoors...
My co-worker is giving food and water to them, so at least that's that.

My question is, does anyone know of good rescues who could take care of them...
We have one rescue here in Verdun, Montreal 'Refuge pour chats de Verdun', but they are relying on foster families and are full.
The only other one is not a rescue and is pretty much a 'kill shelter'. I won't name names...

Can anyone please help us by providing names of rescues that could help out.

So very desperate...


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