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renkma September 30th, 2013 07:19 AM

Potty Training Challenge??
Hello Everyone,

We have a beautiful 3.5 month old Chihuahua puppy named Gumdrop. We brought her home at 2 months of age.
We started very diligently potty training just as the top trainers suggest. We have schedules on the fridge and are impeccably devoted to taking her outside to her special place after meals, after naps, first thing in the morning, and even during the night. She is doing wonderfully - but that is also because we never give her the chance to have an accident. They say prevention is the key - but some also say that a few accidents are necessary so that interruption during the stream and relocation to her area outside is helpful. She has had a few pee accidents, two just this past Friday which surprised me greatly - she had gone a half hour before so I didn't expect her to need to go for at least another half hour (she doesn't have a UTI - is going to her vet regularly for her shots and check ups and is in perfect health) - it was on a freshly laundered comforter on the floor - our other dog's relaxation area. I got her out and she finished outside. I sprayed to saturation the comforter with Nature's Miracle, let it sit, then laundered in hot water. I put the comforter back down and within a few minutes, Gumdrop was whizzing on it again!! She haden't had any accidents for two weeks and all of a sudden...
And this comforter had never been peed on before ever, until Gumdrop.

She has had only 1 #2 accident the day she got home and again, I have a schedule and know within 10 minutes when she is going to need to poop ... but this morning - an hour early, I was making my coffee and looked away from her for 3 seconds - and VOILA she pooped on the blanket that is on the floor where that comforter used to be. Everything in that area is squeaky clean - so why is this happening?

I don't scold or yell or anything when there is an accident - if I can get her in stream and interrupt to bring her out - that is what I do ... and then I give her praise for going outside. For poop - I simply bring her out, remind by asking her to go CA CA - and PEE - she will pee and I praise her. I clean everything x3 with Nature's Miracle.

Am I doing something wrong? Every other dog I've ever had were completely and 100% potty trained by 4 months - none of them ever had as many accidents as this little girl. And I am being so so so very attentive and considering her smaller bladder. I'm not upset or angry - heaven's no!!! I just want to help my sweet little girl to "get it". Can any of you help me, help her?

MaxaLisa October 6th, 2013 08:59 PM

how do you know that she doesn't have a UTI?

What test was run, and do you have a copy of it?

renkma October 10th, 2013 07:53 AM

Well, I know because I just know. She is fine. It was a strange occurrence and she hasn't done it since. She has been to every one of her vet appointments for all of her vaccines and is in perfect health. Our vet was talking about her small bladder, being a chi and all - and sometimes they just get distracted and don't finish their pee - and then finish a few minutes later.
I've also had dogs all of my life and I've dealt with a couple of UTIs - I know how the dog behaves and what it looks like when they are straining and in trouble - and I know to bring my dogs in for medical help and tests the moment they are having a problem. I wouldn't sit on something serious like a UTI

Regardless ... everyone else ...

She is now four months old. There have been no accidents in the house since that last one, but we also don't give her the opportunity to have an accident. We are very attentive toward her and follow her schedule to get her outside to potty. She's doing great with going to her area and she knows the words perfectly.

So how do we know when she is actually housebroken?? She doesn't seem to be asking to go out, and to avoid accidents that could be detrimental to her progress, I get her out every hour or two. I am afraid to "test" her by waiting to see if she asks. I don't want to mess with her progress.

So I guess my question is now - how do I know when and if she is potty trained? Will she start asking the way all my other pups have?

I hate to have to have these questions - I've just never had a Chihuahua and it is true what they say about them being a little bit challenging where potty training is concerned. It's certainly never taken this long for any other pup I've had.

momoftwofuzzies October 10th, 2013 09:19 AM

If you are taking her out every two hours, maybe start going every three hours, and lengthening that time. See what she does. My two don't really signal me either but they pretty much know their schedule. I live in an apartment so have to go out with them. They can got 8-10 hours just fine while I am at work.

If she has an accident, it's just an accident. They happen, even to the most well-trained pups.

MaxaLisa October 13th, 2013 04:20 AM

[QUOTE=renkma;1062033]Well, I know because I just know. She is fine. [/QUOTE]

It's great that she doesn't have a UTI, but, really, there are many times a dog has a UTI that will completely surprise you. In *any* cases of continued difficult housetraining or strange accidents, a UTI should be ruled out.

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