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alan3361 September 25th, 2013 09:05 PM

Help: Cat lost weight & lately stomach seems bloated

My 10 year old cat started losing weight earlier in the year. He was under stress from a change of surroundings. I adopted him for a shelter at 6 months not realizing he was feral, so he has never been to a vet. I can't get him into a carrier or even hold him for more than a few seconds. Otherwise, a very friendly cat on his own terms.

For a while he was hardly eating anything and had diarrhea, so I changed to an all wet diet. He still seemed to be losing weight. That was in May. I tried for 2 days to trap him to get to the vet without success.

Then, I went back to a combo of wet/dry food, and also giving up full 5 ounce cans of tuna or chicken a day.

Now it is September, he is still very thin (he used to be fuller in the legs, shoulders and back) and his stomach has gotten bigger. Just his stomach. I don't know for sure if it's from fluid or fat.

He is eating the equivelent of 4 small cans of wet food a day, plus a bunch of dry food, and his stool is usually solid. He does urinate quite a bit sometimes, but does not seem to be drinking an unusal amount of water. So, it's not like he is avoiding food.

The stomach growth concerns me. Also, he is not active like he used to be. Then again, the other cat he used to play with passed away 2 years ago and he's been in a new environment. He sleeps, looks for food, and otherwise just sits around.

Anyone ever experience something similar with their cat?

Thanks in advance,


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