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tavia November 26th, 2002 03:15 PM

very noisy pitbull puppy
[SIZE=1]I have just got a pitbull (Scar), who is male and is 5 months old. He is very sweet and loves to play. However, when I leave my home to go out, he starts to cry and whine - very loud. Apparently, it disturbs the neighbours, as he does not seem to settle down. When I do return, he is thrilled that he statrs jumping on me but also wants to bite ... he tries to bite my jacket, my hand , anything he can get his mouth on. He is not neutered, but will be next month, as the vet says 6 months is the proper time to be neutered.
There is also one other issue, when I take him out for a walk or to play in the park, he wants to play tug o war with his leash, (the leash is nylon). At some times, he does it when we are crossing the street, which is very dangerous, he just turns his head and starts to bite the leash. I would like for him to stop, but he's to hyper and does not listen to me telling him stop or no.
Please help!!

Tavia :(

Choc Lab Lover December 5th, 2002 05:49 AM

Try leaving music on for him when you go out.. just the sound of noise might help him calm down. Right before you go out the door... if he isnt in a kennel give him a toy with some peanut butter smeared on it.. put it in a room that he wont be able to see you leaving from. sneak out while he is busy... this may work... and just stand outside the door to listen. maybe for 10 mins and then come back in.. get him used to knowing when you leave you will come back.

I would really reccomend crate training.. then when you leave you can just put a blanket over his kennel turn on the music and sneak out the door..

biting his leash.. practice in the house when he does bite it hold the leash with two hands about a foot apart and push it into his mouth while he is biting it and say no. I saw this on a dog training show.. so more or less it will be pushing against the back of his mouth. hard to explain..:( Anyway theres a few suggestions.

Also have you done basic obedience.. it might be a good idea especially since it sounds like this is your first pitbull... dont let him get out of hand and dont take his sh*it lol! :)

binky6 December 11th, 2002 09:00 AM

dog jumping up

As for the jumping up when he sees you.....

The very second he sees you, go down to his level, so he does not jump up.

Hold him by the collar to keep him down...say sit!

Then pet him, kiss him play with him whatever...tell him good dog!

The principle here is that the dog will associate sitting with praise and fun.

After a while, the dog should sit on command when he sees you (or after you say sit!) in order to get the praise.

Good luck,


BrunosMom January 14th, 2003 10:49 AM

Hello there, Pitbulls are prone to Seperation Anxiety, so it sounds like thats what your pup is experiencing. How many hours a day do you leave him alone?

Someone replied to take short trips and come back, letting him know that you are coming back and not to worry. That is 100% correct. Crate training is a must for pittys that suffer from seperation anxiety. You will find him starting to tear things up unless you get him in a crate in a safe area. I'm sure you do not want the expensive vet bills for removing foreign objects from his stomach.

You should defintely enroll your pup in obdience training, it sounds like he's taking advantage of your kindness. I can defintely recomend some pit friendly and pit expierenced trainers in your area if you send me an email.

The puppy nipping must be stopped. I do this by giving my dogs a time out. If the pups I take in nip, they get put in their crate for 5 mins all by themselves. Pitbulls need and want to be with people is so strong, that this is the best form of punishment.

If you have any more questions, feel free to send me an email at [email][/email] . I'm the President of the Positive Pit Bull Awareness Society, and I can defintely help you out.


Anni May 21st, 2003 12:43 AM

leash chewing
I have a great dane that loved to chew on his leash. He chewed it soo much that it would snap while going across the street, in the park, in a house, or anywhere where there are people and other animals. It is not because of agression, its because of the love of smaller things than him, and humans. so he would end up trying to play with a smaller dog and the owner feared it would hurt it so they snached up their dog and left, well MY DOG WASNT TRYING TO HURT IT. Then later i got a small, but long chained leash and it wasnt comforting to his mouth so he stopped chewing on it. and i havent had the problem of chewing on the leashes again. but please if you try this dont get the heavy chains like some people:( its uncomfortible for the dog.

they have chain leashes, not chokers. Just a small weightless chain with a nylon handle.

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