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MiffyKitty August 13th, 2013 06:05 PM

Cat Lethargy
My 3 year old female calico has in the past week gone through a treatment for an ear infection.

I have noticed in the past week ( no ear meds for 3 days) that she has been very different. Here are a list of changes.

1. Slightly more social towards our roommate, who she pretty much hates.
2. Sleeping almost 40% more than usual.
3. Slightly less appetite, but not significantly so.
4. Place where she sleeps.

My cat usually only lies on the arm of the chair, but lately has been lying on the fusion, and although this seems unimportant, she is 3 and has never changed her ways before.

I KNOW my cat should be fixed. She is not, and I understand the general opinion of the population of the world is that she needs to be fixed. This is in the process of happening, but money is sometimes tight, and we have had some unexpected expenses through out the last three years (a lot of VERY costly expenses, so please no harassment)

Our roommate accidentally let her outside when she had just finished her last heat session, we are generally very vigilant, but our door didn't latch properly, and thankfully my cat is trained to come when she is called, or I may have never even gotten her back.

Do these sound like symptoms of pregnancy? As they do to me somewhat.

sugarcatmom August 13th, 2013 06:41 PM

What ear meds did the vet prescribe? Can you take your kitty for a follow-up vet visit (sometimes there's no charge for that) to get his/her opinion on these new symptoms and if they might be related to the ear infection?

Would be difficult to say whether the symptoms could be due to a pregnancy without a vet exam. How long ago did she get out? If it wasn't too long, perhaps you could consider getting her spayed now to prevent any possible unwanted kittens. And depending on what meds she was on, the health of the fetuses could also have been compromised. You really need to talk to the vet about this. There are financial aid options if you qualify:

MiffyKitty August 13th, 2013 11:59 PM

Its not her medication causing issues, she stopped them 3 days ago, and has had them before with no issues.

The vet said she hasn't had a drug reaction, and she was only let out 2 and a half ( general guesstimate, we have a crazy life here so some things slip the memory ) but that's about correct. She had a week and a half long heat, which is normal for her, she got outside, and only since then has her attitude changed.

She is signifucantly nicer after being treated for a prolonged ear infection ( she showed no outward signs for quite a while ) which I can totally understand, as I would be an aweful person if I had an ear infection and didn't realize until it was too late. She just started being more lethargic this past week, still eats, and behaves normally when she isn't sleeping. Seems to have a little gut, but she was gaining some weight for a while until I changed her to performatrin food, and that seems to maintain her weight. She isn't fat, just a little bottom heavy, and aside from the slightly kinder mannerisms, and the significant extra sleeping is showing no signs of poor health, and I've had cats my whole life who have had some health issues, as we took in the ones who needed vet care often, so I have a good idea of what to watch for in poor health.

I'm becoming increasingly convinced she is pregnant, but only time will tell right now.

sugarcatmom August 14th, 2013 12:09 AM

[QUOTE=MiffyKitty;1060660]Its not her medication causing issues, she stopped them 3 days ago, and has had them before with no issues.[/quote]

But what were they? What if they're contraindicated during pregnancy?

[QUOTE=MiffyKitty;1060660] she was only let out 2 and a half ( general guesstimate, we have a crazy life here so some things slip the memory )[/quote]

2 and a half what? Weeks? Months? If weeks, she's totally within the zone to get spayed now. Months... well she'd be ready to pop any day if she was indeed pregnant, and her nipples would be pink and obvious. Feline gestation is roughly 9 weeks.

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