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LiberaceMom July 25th, 2013 07:56 AM

Ragdoll- soft stools
I bought a Ragdoll kitten May 28, 2013, he was 12 weeks old and had just got neutered a week prior, his name is Liberace. This is actually the first kitten I have ever "bought." I have had a lot of kittens/cats through my 50+ years and they have all been healthy until they got much older. The breeder is also a Vet tech. Liberace had "the sneezies" as she called it when I got him and the breeder sent antibiotics with him. In good faith I thought the antibiotic would work and he would be better soon. Well here it is 2 months later, in the time I have had him he has been on three rounds of antibiotic, and is still sneezing. He also has had soft stools the whole time as well. He has had blood work(all ok) and stools sampled(also ok). I am going broke with the Vet bills! The vet gave me some Purina pro-biotic powder I have been putting on his food (which has not worked) and Lysine chews I have been adding to his food(which he really doesn't care for). He is now 5 months old and weighs 7 lbs, he seems otherwise healthy, eats and drinks a lot and is very lovable. The breeder has said to give him Immodium(I have not) and 1/2 tab of Zyrtec(haven't done that either), and she also said I should not keep rushing him to the vet because his immunity needs to mature. So a couple days ago I went to the pet store and got some pumpkin puree that also has oat bran and pysllium powder, and this is the 3rd day he has had this so I am hoping this will firm up the stools....It does seem to be changing, but is still "pudding" like consistency, so maybe a few more days, anyone that has tried this is it ok to give them the pumpkin for as many days as it starts working? As for the sneezing...I just don't know!! I his little nose is running a bit after he sneezes but it is clear, I have been using baby "boogie" wipes on him sometimes if it dries up. So frustrated!!!:cat:

Love4himies July 25th, 2013 08:15 AM

Ragdolls are adorable :cloud9:.

What are you feeding him?

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