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MSwitch July 19th, 2013 09:36 AM

*waves* :D Hi internet, I thought I would introduce myself to you.

I am a new cat owner, which I find strange because I have always been a dog person and by some strange happenstance I wound up with a permanent fluffy resident in my apartment that did not bark. That being said, Chupie (short for Chupacabra) has not just found his way into my home but also the hearts of me and my parter. He is very friendly and affectionate, and will not leave me alone. He follows me room from room, sleeps with me, head buts me and flops for me. He even comes when he's called! I seriously never met such an awesome affectionate cat.

Anyway, a bit about my situation. Chupie was adopted from a friend, who was running from an abusive relationship and asked me to rescue her cat because her ex was hurting him. So I took him in, and after a while she decided it would be better if he stayed with me. Unfortunately I haven't heard from her since, but I have a feeling she's not dead so that's good.

My boyfriend and I don't have a lot of money. He is on disability, and I should have been a long time ago but am instead draining my school funds to stay off the streets. This raises a lot of issues because we don't have money for vet bills and Chupie needs his shots. Which brings me to the first point that I wanted to ask about. [B]Is there a DIY cat/pet toy thread anywhere, and if not where would I start one? [/B]

The second question I wanted to ask is [B]where would be best for me to ask about behavioural issues and training a cat out of them[/B], for example attacking my legs and feet whenever he wants attention (I'm talking run and jump kamikaze ninja dive bomb attacks while I'm cooking or (the worst) pouring tea)

And, third and lastly, I have a serious debate question about [B]neutering[/B], because not only does Chupie still have his junk fully intact, but I also don't have the funds to change that and wouldn't mind knowing exactly how high on my priority list I should put this.

So yeah, that's me, my cat, and my situation in a nut shell... enough of an introduction for ya? :thumbs up

marko July 19th, 2013 10:52 AM

Welcome to the forum MSwitch!

Hopefully some Toronto members might have leads on low cost vet care and spay/neuter.

In terms of where to ask cat trainig questions - we have a forum just for that and awesome members that contribute regularly

You can see all the forums from the forum's main page [url][/url]

and if you look about 12 categories down you'll see

Dog training - dog behavior
This forum is meant to discuss dog training and dog behaviour problems
Sub-Forums: Cat behavior forum - cat training

That's where you'd post and here's the direct link [url][/url]

You could post a DIY thread in the general forum for cats and dogs if you like

Hope that helps!

ownedbycats July 19th, 2013 11:03 AM

1. DIY cat toys - I'm not sure if there is a specific thread for DIY cat toys, but basically anything can become a cat toy, a crumpled up ball of tinfoil or paper, a long string or piece of frayed rope attached to a stick or not, an empty Kleenex box with holes punched in the sides. The plastic rings off pop bottles. Anything small and light enough to be batted around with holes to stick paws through.

2. If you can keep a crumpled up ball of paper and spot Chupie coming before he attacks, try throwing it before he attacks and send him chasing after that.

3. How old is Chupie? Is he a completely indoor cat? If he spends all his time indoors, vaccines aren't as urgent (except for rabies which is required by law). The main reason for neutering male cats (aside from population control) is the territory marking that starts as they mature, somewhere between 6 months and a year old. Spraying urine on things to mark it as theirs is a behavior that starts to occur as males mature and want to protect their territory from other males. Once started it can be very hard to stop. That is why people try to neuter male cats before this behavior starts.

Winston July 19th, 2013 11:07 AM

Welcome MSwitch!~

Can you tell us how old your kitty is? it sounds like typical kitten behaviour with the feet biting! you can try to redirect the kitty with a toy, or even a quick ouch! sometimes teaches them that what they are doing isnt acceptable...As for toys cats are pretty easy to make happy. You could pick up one of those mice on the end of a stick at the dollar stores or even make one yourself. I used to use tin foil balls and my 2 cats would go insane batting them around and playing. You could use these toys to try and tucker your kitty out, this may help with the attacks! :laughing:

You can contact your local SPCA and see if they have a low cost spay or neuter clinic. Alot of them have these services based on income. There is a low cost one in Newmarket you can find info here:


If you choose to go through a vet males are MUCH cheaper than females and neutering is quite easy on the male cats.

I am sure others will be along with more info but for now I hope this helps.

Would love to see a picture of your precious kitty!! :thumbs up


MSwitch July 19th, 2013 02:11 PM

Aww! I'm so touched there's so many people that answered! I tried another forum once and I got maybe one reply per post! :) This is quite refreshing!

Chupie's about 3 or 4. He's as far as I know past the age where spraying starts, and I haven't had even the hint of a problem. The only thing that's happened since he came to live with us is that he peed at my moms house on her rug, and that was also the first time he has stayed at my moms AND the first time he'd been around the smell of catnip (moms idea, personally he's energetic enough without it).

Here's a picture (I hope it works) [IMG][/IMG]

I think he's just awesome!

Alright, I'm going to post these topics in the appropriate places. :) Thank you all again for the plethora of in depth answers!

marko July 19th, 2013 02:53 PM

REALLY cute pix Mswitch! :highfive:
I just tweaked a setting that should allow you to post pix but please Pm me if you have issues. thx.

hazelrunpack July 19th, 2013 05:35 PM

He's an awesome kitty, Mswitch!! What a cutie!! Welcome to the board! :D

ownedbycats July 22nd, 2013 07:31 AM

He's really cute. I love the permanently smudged nose :lovestruck:
If you aren't having problems with spraying and he is a totally indoor cat, then neutering isn't really an urgent necessity, since he is neither destroying your home nor likely to be causing pregnancies.

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