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mybubbles65 June 25th, 2013 07:38 PM

My two year old dog was born with a defect called Microthalmia which means small eyes. Her vision is not that great. I recently found out that what I thought was a constantly dilated pupil is actually a cataract that she was likely born with. I spoke with a vet that specializes in ophthalmology and was horrified when he said to fix one eye would be about $4000. That is outrageous. Why can we do cataract surgery on a human for several hundred dollars but thousands on a dog? Makes no sense to me. I feel that vets gouge patients knowing that most people will pay whatever is necessary to help their beloved fur baby. There is no way we can afford this and it saddens me that she will most likely lose all vision in her right eye. It's bad enough that she has a hard time playing fetch because she loses track of the ball and bumps into things due to her already limited vision but it's doubly heartbreaking that it will now get worse and she is only two. Does anyone know if cataract surgery would be cheaper done in Guelph at the teaching hospital? Any helpful input would be appreciated.

MaxaLisa June 25th, 2013 09:30 PM

If you are paying only several hundred dollar for cataract surgery, I'm guessing that's subsidized by insurance. In the US, here are some costs: [url][/url]

You might look into some eye vitamins to slow the progres, or ome eye drops like Brite Eyes, which contain carnosine, which is supposed to have some action on cataracts.

Jull June 26th, 2013 09:45 AM

Natural diets are very helpful to any animal with vision problems.

Fresh carrot juice can be a great source of carotenes for dogs; the book "[I]how to have a healthier dog[/I]" talks about veterinarians that use vitamins A & E, along with the mineral selenium for cataracts in dogs. Supplement also with a good quality vitamin C with bioflavonoids and trace minerals. Minerals are important because the eyes use more zinc than any other part in the body.

marko June 26th, 2013 10:54 AM

Max Lisa makes a great point...but why is human cataract surgery costing you even 1 penny. Isn't it covered under Canadian medicare?

In terms of the actual dog cataract surgery, here's a basic article that helps explain the surgery and partially explains why it's so expensive. [url][/url]

I agree 4000./eye is crazy exorbitant. :(

Winston June 26th, 2013 12:13 PM

Just wanted to add something regarding your comment Marko.

I have the human form of cataracts. They used to be covered under OHIP in Ontario but that changed a few years ago. So in order for OHIP (Ontario Health Insurance Plan) you must have at least 20-50 vision. If your vision is under this number you can opt to pay for it yourself and it is very expensive.

I have 20-40 vision so my eye doc predicts I should be able to have the surgery within the next year depending on how fast the eyes deteriorate.

Cataracts BTW are a pain in the butt!!! :laughing:

And yes I would contact Guelph for sure!

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