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Eddie110 May 3rd, 2013 12:28 PM

Jack Russell with Nasal Discharge for several months
In January 2013, Eddie was diagnosed with bronchitis and given Baytril. Another antibiotic was added near the end of the first course of Baytril and then a second course of Baytril. Bronchitis is gone. Since February Eddie has had thick white/yellow/green discharge from both nostrils. He reverse sneezes until he almost falls over. A course of Clavamox 3/4 of 125 mg tablet for 14 days and no improvement. Vet suggested we culture for the best antibiotic. I don't remember the name of the bacteria, but it was familiar. So another course of Clavamox - based on his weight, maybe we should do 1 1/2 of 125 mg tablets. We are now into the second week and Eddie is no better. I have begun to use saline to rinse his nose, which helps and thins the "rubber cement" discharge.

The vet now wants to do a dental as this could be related to an abcess. While not impossible, it seems unlikely since both sides of the nose are affected and he does not seem to have any problem with his teeth. Or it could be a foreign object - in both nostrils? Or a tumor - with no blood at all? Maybe a CT scan for $650.00 We have spent $900.00 so far and now another $700 to 900 has been proposed for the dental and radiograph.

Side note: two years ago Eddie developed a muscle wasting disease after a second dose of Advantix for fleas. Vet says it was not the Advantix. $1000.00 and the Oregon State University Veternary Hospital later and one course of prednisone seemed to stop the disease. I am beginning to feel like we look like $$ signs when we go near the vet.

Digston May 4th, 2013 02:57 AM

Do you recall whether there was an antibiotic resistance test done at the same time as the culture? Antibiotic resistance could be a possibility.

Barkingdog May 4th, 2013 11:39 AM

How was your dog diagnosed for bronchitis , did the vet give your dog any
x rays? My dog Marty had bronchitis and his nose did not have any nasal discharge. The vet gave him a x ray to see why he had a bad cough. If your dog had no x rays maybe you should ask for it to have one.

MaxaLisa May 5th, 2013 01:33 AM

I might consider a second opinion if you haven't already recieved one, perhaps a consult with an internal medicine vet.

Did you get a copy of the culture report?

Eddie110 May 6th, 2013 12:53 PM

1. No antibiotic resistance test has been done. However the Baytril obviously worked.
2. Eddie had three chest x-rays to diagnose the bronchitis.
3. I did not receive a culture report. I can request one. The bacteria name was familiar.

A second opinion was kind of where I was going. The saline rinse seems to be helping a lot, and he will finish the Clavamox today. I may wait and see if we have done enough.

Unfortunately in this economy where I have lost two of my three jobs, finances are a bit tight and we have spent several mortgage payments already.

Thank you all for your concerns and suggestions. I really appreciate the help.

Eddie110 January 15th, 2014 01:46 PM

Nearly a year of snot
Well here we are nearly a year later.

Eddie still has nasal discharge, reverse sneezing and no end in sight. I have read everything I can find.

Turned out Eddie was allergic to the Clavamox when the vet actually gave him a dose that was "better suited" to his weight. Into the third "course" of Clavamox, I noticed hives. Eddie was allergic. So we stopped the Clavamox.

Consulted with an Internal Medicine vet. Since I could barely afford the visit, we did not do diagnostics. She was certain that it was rhinitis and treated him with Zithromax and an anti-inflammitory from the compounding pharmacy. These drugs are supposed to work in tandom. Yep three courses of those with no noticible results. She refused to treat Eddie further until we agreed to "only" $1800.00 for a rhinoscopy - which could be inconclusive.

Back to his regular Vet who agreed to try a course of Prednizone to see if he improved. Not really.

Actually all the medications, after the Baytril for bronchitis, have not helped- except to clear up infection. His discharge is white now.

I am looking for work, unemployment has run out and as much as I would like to "diagnose" Eddie's nasal issue, I simply don't have the funds.

So for now, I put saline drops in his nose about 5 - 10 times per day to keep the snot thin enough for him to sneeze out or cough up. Most of the day he sleeps and seems comfortable but any excitement causes sneezing. Of course night is the worst. His nose rattles and snuffs and snots and he is miserable.

Oh well, until I find that six figure job, saline is cheap. Eddie is uncomfortable and who needs sleep.

Thanks everyone for suggestions and concern.

Cariboo2 February 10th, 2014 11:27 PM

Your Eddie & saline drops
Sorry you and Eddie are having trouble. We have a senior JR named Snickers. She's only 9, but has arthritis from earlier injuries and she's always had an allergy to UV so her eyes get inflamed from sun exposure. They have such great personalities, don't they?

Meanwhile, our other dog has one very stuffed up nostril and I was interested to hear that you gave Eddie some relief with saline drops. I'd like to try them for Frenchy. Do you just use a dropper and drop the saline in his nostrils?

We're kind of in the same boat, that we can't afford money for diagnostics and we don't want him under anesthetic either. I'm trying alternative remedies hoping his nasal discharge clears up,because his appetite is still good and otherwise he seems happy.

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