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minmin12 April 8th, 2013 05:48 AM

Harley and Moses
Some of you may or not recognize me. I have to post this::laughing: Both my boys I love more than people and that is going to remain. Now here is the kicker, I take Harley and Moses cyclying when one remains home the other cries all good. Moses developed a new habit I kept on forgetting to post this. On Sunday I decided to take Harley first big switch would have not made a difference for all the money in the world listening to Moses crying. Okay I have double bolt lock GUESS what Moses being who he is has decided oohhhh look at that and he locks the deadbolt, because he is so pissed off he remained at home:yell: thankfully mommy has the smarts. I have all keys with me now I unlock both locks when we return home and switch dogs. Now if only I could train Moses to unlock doornob and take himself outside to to pee and poo instead of waking me up occasionally at 2:30 a.m., one more thing Moses has learned another command when we three are walking I ask him to sit and stay repeat word stay and keep on walking he sits there and waits and waits. Then I say come to mommy he is so excited he running in leaps and bounds. I have mentioned this before as someone on other forum suggested two sites only I could use one:ca: I am not:usa:, We play look as brain activity is good for a Belgian Malinois. I have been placing treats He is givin a sniff and requested to sit and wait this time then I go place it where ever and I say look by golly he finds it 8 out of 10 times I sometimes need to walk a little toward it. I boiled some eggs and he did it this morning I let him smell it naturally he followed me said out placed it on bed then said go look naturally he found that one posthaste next time more difficult. Everybody here is extremely supportive and helpful and I appreciate it very much.:dog::dog::grouphug::cloud9:

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