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cherryberry April 6th, 2013 10:07 PM

animal hoarder rescue

My yorkie was rescued from an animal hoarder. The rescue told me he had to be shaved to the skin because all his hair was matted right against him.
They also said the shelter was going to put him to sleep because he was not good with people. he was in this situation for about 2 years. He went through some serious separation anxiety for the first 6 months with me. pooing and peeing all over the floor and my bed. running all through it all day long, howling when i was at work for hours, jumping at the gate continuously, like in a trance. these behaviours are mostly gone now. He is left with fears of men, other dogs, noises, anything new. hates water or grooming. is now barking at strangers that come in the house as well as a selection of people who always lived here. nips at my nieces when i arrive home from work. will barrel through the door when going out or in, slamming over kyia every time. steals her food, will eat his food if on her plate, but not on his. and if he is laying on the bed with me, if i move one inch of a muscle, will fly off the bed like his ass is on fire.

what i would like to know is, does anyone know the common behaviours of these dogs when coming out of a hoarding situation and the best way to deal with them? are the behaviours above just him or a result of living with an animal hoarder? i have looked at about 40 sites talking about animal hoarding and only 3 maybe talks about the affects on the animal. and that is only about two paragraphs. the rest is all about the hoarder.

any advice will be greatly appreciated.:confused:

thank you:crazy:

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