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newrob January 16th, 2013 03:02 AM

Should I Get Another Cat?
my Tortie "Half" is a year-and-a-half old. she is a bit Alpha but super sweet and affectionate and smart and friendly and likes all the neighbours and will go right into their apartments and greet the cats. i fear that she is lonely. she took to potty right away but i think i rescued her under 12 weeks. she squeaks when i'm nearing my door to enter and always wants to go out into the hall and she follows me around and likes to see where i'm at and what i'm doing. she's awesome. she plays fetch and climbs around the apt. and lays on top of me and curls up beside me at night. should i get another cat for her. will she bond with it and then lose interest in me. i'd be so upset if she didn't sleep with me. once fixed, is there a big difference between male and female cats. i'd like to rescue a kitten. i don't believe in "buying" them from pet stores. please advise me.
thanks, NR

Barkingdog January 16th, 2013 10:46 AM

You could try being a foster mom to a kitten and see how your cat get along with it. If the two get along you can adopt the kitten. You may have see what the shelter policy is about having a cat as some places do not let people adopt a pet when they already have one. Some pets get along great with other pets on neutral territory but do not like having another animal in 'their' home. My dog Marty got along great with a dog when they played at a park but when Marty went to play in the other dog back yard Marty got attacked by the other dog.

pattymac January 16th, 2013 10:56 AM

I have 4 and have never had too many issues bringing in a new cat. Noella, my youngest, is a rescue and has 3 older 'brothers' I kept her seperated until she had a check-up and shots. I picked her up off the street, so didn't know if she had any health problems. I think a kitten would be easier to bring in, her brothers had no problems accepting her but she was a real pita when she went into her first heat, she has been spayed!! I can't see how anyone could put up with a female cat in heat!! The foster idea is a great idea. With my other 2 cats, I just keep them seperated for the first while and then short supervised visits, gradually getting longer until everyone was comfortable. I think kittens can get away with a certain amount, kinda like puppies do when they're young.

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