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minmin12 October 23rd, 2012 10:22 AM

[B][COLOR="Blue"][/COLOR][/B] I have a senior male. Now when he loses balance he poo poo on carpet or outside. Sometime he just does it when barking and I am perplexed. I first thought about cutting his food down but that turned out only to hurt me and he was always hungrier. I have not changed his diet, I still give him all of his vitamins. But this poor boy is totally unaware that he is pooing just this morning he did it and there is no reason. I have two males I fed them both earlier yesterday but that should not cause it. He is 78 in people years meaning 13 in dog years other then that he is all good. I keep both outside for better part of day and we take walks regularily Daily. Does anyone or has anyone experienced this before if so what could I do. His poo is SOLID so no illness there my other boy is on special prescription dog food and he beleives that his age is 24 and he is going to be 76 in people years

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