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pmolson October 11th, 2012 12:19 PM

Cat's Erratic Behavior & Cannot Be Trained!
Hi Everyone,

We've been trying to toilet-train our 7-months cat for a few of months now! We've followed the tips on this video: [url][/url]

The cat started doing his business in the toilet, but we kind of got stuck at the ball stage. As soon as we remove the ball, he does it in the living room on the carpet! We've tried everything, but to no avail. In fact in recent days even if the ball in the toilet, he does it in the living room, but randomly...coz sometimes he still goes and do it in the ball!!!

This erratic behavior has been driving us crazy! Any help or suggestions are greatly appreciated.


cassblonde January 16th, 2013 06:24 AM

I saw that video when I was researching training a pair of kittens I plan on getting this fall but I kept looking and found [URL=""]this site [/URL]which for my one bathroom family will work better. I also like the method a bit better than in the video.

From the days of reading I've been doing I've learned the biggest thing you have to do when training is [B]go slow[/B] and [B]pay attention to what your cat is telling you[/B]. It's up to you whether you continue trying to train or let the cat go back to his litter box.

I read one training blog where the owner in question worked at it for 2 years before getting his one cat trained.

If your cat is objecting to a step you have to go back a step or two until he is going where you want him to and then once he's happily there for a few weeks ease him into the next step. Time and patience. Otherwise go back to the litter box and enjoy your cat.:pawprint:

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