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Winston August 30th, 2012 09:21 AM

Happy 1st Birthday Sophie!
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Happy Birthday Baby girl!

Today is Sophie’s 1st Birthday! Wow how time fly’s! I cant believe it is here already.
We are going to celebrate on the weekend with some treats and maybe some fun playtime with her favorite pack! (Sylvie’s gang!) and I will be sure to take some pics for everyone!
Well here is a pic of my little munchkin to tie you all over until I can take B-day pics!


Barkingdog August 30th, 2012 10:31 AM

Happy Birthday Sophie’s! Don't eat too much cake and ice cream!

hazelrunpack August 30th, 2012 11:04 AM

[SIZE="6"][FONT="Comic Sans MS"][I][B][COLOR="Magenta"]Happy [COLOR="DarkOrchid"]Birthday, [COLOR="RoyalBlue"]Sophie!!! :dog:[/COLOR][/COLOR][/COLOR][/B][/I][/FONT][/SIZE]

Lookin' forward to those pawty pics!! :D

Dog Dancer August 30th, 2012 11:17 AM

Wow, Happy Birthday Sophie, why it seems like just yesterday you just a puppy! :crazy: Have a great pawty with your pack pals and smile pretty for the camera! She looks fabulous and happy here.

Winston September 1st, 2012 07:08 PM

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Okay everyone here is the Birthday girl! the start of the party and the fun!

Winston September 1st, 2012 07:09 PM

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Boy they all had a lot of fun playing. We do this every Sat morning. :thumbs up

Bree going after Sophies leg! and beautiful Cyrus just hanging out

Winston September 1st, 2012 07:10 PM

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some more! the faces are so funny!

Winston September 1st, 2012 07:11 PM

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last but not least!

Winston September 1st, 2012 07:12 PM

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The end!

sophie had a great time playing with her buddies! she had a great 1st birthday! :candle:

a picture of sweet keisha she had a good day too!!

Jim Hall September 1st, 2012 07:21 PM

WOOF !!! :thumbs up:crazy:

Winston September 1st, 2012 07:21 PM

Hey my friend! how are you doing? how is my favorite girl DU?

Barkingdog September 1st, 2012 08:16 PM

[QUOTE=Winston;1045482]last but not least![/QUOTE]

The second photo looks like the dogs are gossiping and the German Shepard looked shocked at what he heard.

hazelrunpack September 1st, 2012 10:15 PM

Those are totally awesome pawty pics, Winston!! :highfive: So much fun!! :laughing:

But I must object!! The Birthday Girl is [I][B]never[/B][/I] supposed to get rolled! :frustrated: :laugh: :p

Dog Dancer September 2nd, 2012 04:12 PM

Unless she really wants to Hazel! Great pics, Halo is jealous that Sophie has such great friends. A yeah has flown by for sure.

pbpatti September 2nd, 2012 09:15 PM

OH, Sophie you look so good! :cloud9: Happy Birthday to you sweet chocolate labbie. Wintson great pictures of her with Sylvias GSD's.

Sylvie September 4th, 2012 07:32 AM

Everyone had so much fun. Humans included. It was the first time that Bree has ever played with any dog other than Cy and Keesha. She must have known it was Sophie's birthday. :laughing:

marko September 4th, 2012 07:34 AM

Wow these are fun pics :highfive:

hazelrunpack September 4th, 2012 08:36 AM

Aw, Sylvie, that's sweet about Bree!! :lovestruck:

Goldfields September 5th, 2012 08:15 PM

Poor Sophie, at the mercy of those mean GSDs. LOL. She certainly looks as if she holds her own and has a ball with them. :) I LOVE the expressions. Happy birthday, lovely girl, and many more of them.

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