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petdr May 8th, 2001 04:28 PM

Dog is marking his scent in bedroom - Answered by N.Kitching
I have a 4 going on 5 yrs in June Yellow Lab. He is not neutered.
About 2 1/2 weeks ago we came home to find he had marked his scent in our 2 daughters bedrooms. Since dealing with the issue he has continued in the one bedroom, always in the same place. I've tried disinfecting with vinegar to no avail.

I have since needed to put him in the basement during the work day. For the first couple of days he was fine, until yesterday. He has never done this before and I have had other Labs who have not been neutered and never done this.
I know spring is in the air but I'm becoming increasingly annoyed. I have yet to contact our vet as I was hoping this would pass.
Any answers, he is healthy and physically fit as well as loved. Thanks, confused.[/b]


Hi Confused,

First of all, may I suggest that you take your 4 year old Yellow Lab to the
Vet's to make sure that he doesn't have any infections.

Secondly, you might have to have him neutered. Don't be surprised if his
hormones will be active for a few months after neutering him as the
operation takes a while to take effect with some dogs.

Not knowing your scenario, your dog might be wanting to receive more
attention from one of the girls or from you. Does he receive equal amount of
attention from everyone? Your dog might be suffering from an "anxiety
problems" and he's trying to tell you so by marking his scent in your two
daughter's rooms.

May I suggest that you get yourself a crate for your dog and put him in it.
Now pretend it is a normal working day. All of the family should go out and
shut the door leaving him in the crate. After about 5 minutes, come back to
him in his crate. If he has been a good dog, praise him. Continue working on
leaving him in his crate for longer periods of time. Don't forget to keep
coming back to praise him for being such a good boy. After a while, he'll
enjoy being in his crate and he knows that he'll receive some attention for
being a good boy.

Good luck!

Nancy Kitching 2001

Nancy Kitching
Dog Trainer Member of CAPPT, CKC, OKC (Ottawa Kennel Club),
and Bytown Obedience Club in Ottawa.
156 Fairhaven
Hudson, Quebec J0P 1H0

Tel: 450-458-3165

debkamaine May 2nd, 2006 11:12 PM

crate with kindness
Crating is a KIND way to make an animal feel safe...I feel very upset over the response that is given here for crating...

i am not a trainer or veterinarian, but i am a human being and I know that dogs have the same feelings that humans do...if you just stuck me in a crate, for 5 minutes, I WOULD BE TERRIFIED...where is the humanity??

Every training I have ever seen with crate training is a process, days, weeks, where the crate sits in a specific area, DOOR OPEN....the dog has his favorite toys and play things....he is not put into the crate, he is closed into the crate....he discovers the crate and finds that he LIKES IT AND FEELS SAFE...

Good lord, if you crate trained any animal or human by just sticking him in to the crate, why would he like it.......a crate is the DOG'S choice...I shudder to think of how any poor animal would feel by being forced into a closed area, no escape....

Dogs WANT to please us...we are their gods....they adore us....if yours is acting out, there is a reason...he misses you or something like that...or he is sick...but, to punish him by locking him into a box is not humane or kind...

Please when training dogs do it kindly....

good luck with your dog....I lost 3 this year due to old age....I would do a million things over....I had a samoyed with separation I would love to start all over with him...I love them so....:(

debkamaine May 2nd, 2006 11:18 PM

Crating With Kindness....p.s.
I typed it wrong....he is NOT closed into the crate, initially.....I didn't put the word "not" in which changes the meaning entirely

poor poor poor animals...we act like they are so different from us...they aren't

again...good luck with your dog....enjoy every moment...I am at a loss tonight without my family of dogs...

LavenderRott May 2nd, 2006 11:29 PM

You might notice that the original post is 5 years old.

While you may consider crating a dog to be cruel, I know many dogs that have ended up in shelters that could have avoided the trip if they had been crate trained. I also know several dogs that are crated when they are to be left home alone (including my own pom) and none of them are terrified. They are however safe from dangers they don't understand and they aren't indulging in behaviours that can get them killed.

Mom_Of_Two_Dogs May 3rd, 2006 03:30 AM

[QUOTE]While you may consider crating a dog to be cruel, I know many dogs that have ended up in shelters that could have avoided the trip if they had been crate trained.[/QUOTE]
Same. I keep saying to myself, when I see certain dogs at the shelter "this could have been prevented with crate training . . . "

I crate trained my dogs and don't regret it. They love their crates and I leave the gates open so they can come in them at will. I only shut them in it if if I'm away and can't supervise them.

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