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jassy3399 April 1st, 2012 03:01 PM

Kitty and dog behavior
I have a couple questions that I'm looking for ideas on. the first is the more important. And grossest. a couple weeks ago Remington became quite irate with me when I came home after work, fed and walked him, and then had to leave again. that doesn't happen very often, but i try to make sure that there's no food on the counter and the garbage is secured because he's always gotten at both when he's been displeased with me. Except that this time, he went for the cat box, which I have recently moved to the living room of the apartment to prepare for my mother coming to stay with me for a couple months. (I was using the spare room for keeping the cat food safe and for their potty. she's not keen and cats, so the box needs to come out so she can close the door at night to sleep) He snacked. And then the next day while I was out helping mom pack, he had some pretty major diarrhea all over my bedroom, where I had him secured with his water bowl. As I was shampooing the carpet, I could smell cat urine, indicating to me that he'd eaten more than just some tootsie rolls from the litterbox. I saw one homemade litterbox on here recently, which I'm keen to try, but if anyone else has any suggestions, i'd be grateful. Rem does prefer the living room, so he can lay on the back of the couch and watch out the front window.

My second question is this: Boo has taken to nibbling the edge of the box tops that they like to sleep in. Okay, Gizmo primarily sleeps in them, but still. i don't especially mind, I can replace the box tops and clean up the shreds. with 3 furballs, I vacuum fairly often anyway. But she's also started to nibble on a couple of other boxes, ones that I actually need to stay intact because they're full. Can I train her to nibble on just certain ones and leave others alone? Or is this going to be an all or nothing situation? Seems like a tricky distinction for a little kitty to make, but I really can't have to chewing the boxes of Mom's old vinyl records, for instance. She also seems to really enjoy it. She's definitely the more destructive of the two, having 'killed' a couple of small fuzzy toys, where Gizmo really hasn't. He just loses them! :laughing: I hate to take away something she likes, but....

(btw, the product that I used to get out the cat urine odor is called Kids and Pets. [URL=""]HERE[/URL] I found it at Wal-Mart for about 5 bucks a 32oz bottle. Within minutes of thoroughly soaking the carpet, a good close sniff couldn't detect anything but the product. Once dried, there was no sign of the mess left at all. Very nice, and very affordable.)

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