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Yakman$ February 23rd, 2012 08:00 AM

New Puppy on the way
New here.... Hello to all and thats for the advice...
We are getting a puppy in 3 weeks. :)
I have decided to get on the raw diet as soon as i can... I am a hunter and have plenty of deer and moose in the freezer. We also live near a chicken farm that i'm sure i could get a deal from...
The puppy we are getting will grow to 24" and be 45-60 lbs.
Questions? #1 I have a bear in the freezer that i'm sure my wife wont eat.... Can i feed it to the dog ??? I have heard bear is like pork and is subject to trichinosis? is this true?
#2 We do not plan to grind up meat unless we have to... is there a meat to bone ratio i need to follow? I have heard the dogs poop should dry fast and crumble when the ratio is correct.... Can any one confirm this ????

I actually have a ton of questions but don't want to scare anyone off LOL.

P.S We are looking to buy at a great price or get or hands on a free large dog crate... if any one can help from the GTA or outside of Toronto.. please let me know...:dog:
Thanks :thumbs up

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