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Loki Love February 20th, 2012 06:47 PM

My in-laws cat
My in-laws cat is best described as a grumpy old man (and he's not even that old!) His temperament has always been a bit loopy and off and well, just not overly friendly with the hubby and I.

So.. we now have this cat staying with us for the next 7 weeks while the inlaws are down south. He's currently segregated from our 2 cats and dog (he's in a spare bedroom) and I'm wondering if it's worth it to try and integrate them all given it's a temporary thing? I feel bad keeping him alone in that room, but given his weird mood swings, I don't want to disrupt the somewhat 'balance' we have with our own group. Opinions?

Also - we've switched him over to our own cats' food (the inlaws swear up and down by the Meow Mix wet food, and Fancy Feast dry food). No worries, they knew we'd be switching the food once he got here. Our plan is to switch him completely to canned food - do you think this could help with his grumpies?

Any opinions and suggestions welcomed!

sandyrivers March 1st, 2012 06:38 AM

about your in laws cat
Did you try playing with your in laws cat?
Very few cats can resist chasing a ''lazer pointer'', or a string tied to a rod...
He must also feel very aloof and perhaps isolated by being in a room all by himself...
This change is perhaps very traumatising to him, a human presence near him could be most beneficial!
You can try letting him explore your house bit by bit...put him in the kitchen for a few hours, put him in your living room for a few hours. If he gets to explore all the areas of your house one by one, he will smell your other pets while they are not there, and your pets will smell him having being there. It dosn't take much time for pets to get used to each other, a lot of patience from the humans, but not that much time really.

Here is another idea...
If he has been in a room by hinself, surely your other pets have smelled his persence, and know he is there. If you have a pet carrier, it could be a good idea to put him in the pet carrier and in your living room, that way, your pets could ''introduce themselves to him'' and get use to his being around your house.
This is a good way to introduce pets to eachother without the fear of them fighting or injuring eachother.
Perhaps a little catnip could put him in a good mood?
Also, maybe if you sleep in the same room as the cat, he will come to investigate who you are, and maybe even cuddle.
It only takes a bit of patience and love, but i'm sure the ''grumpy boy'' is worth it.
7 weeks is a long time to keep him segregated... I'm sure he is worth being introduced to your pets! He may even find thst he can be friends with some of them! Unless some of your pets are very mean, i see no reason not to try at least! And i'm sure the boy will appreciate it.
There is always a bit of hissing and growling at first, but things usually settle down after a day or two.

Give it at try, and keep us updated on the situation, if this dosn't work, we will think of other ways to make him feel at home!


Loki Love March 1st, 2012 07:31 AM

It's actually been going very well - thanks.

The door to the room that he's staying in is now kept open as long as we're home and it gives him the chance to come out and explore if he wants to. We don't want to force or rush anything, but I think we've made good progress considering it's only been a week :)

He's still fearful of the dog, but I can't fault him for that. He does get lots of visits if he chooses not to venture out and visit. We're getting him transitioned fairly well to better food too - he's just so fussy but we are finding a few that he seems to enjoy.

sandyrivers March 1st, 2012 03:20 PM

Hi there,

Good to know that he is adjusting well!
I did feel sorry for him being in the room all the time.
Though I think it's also a good thing to keep them separated when you are out 'just in case'


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