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Longblades August 31st, 2011 12:27 PM

So Glad I'm Doing The Sub-Q Myself
Cartrophen injections are helping our arthritic 18 year old cat, Ginger. We're boostering every two weeks and I'm so glad I started doing it myself. At the Vet's Ginger is stressed. She knows something is up and she snarls, hisses, claws, bites and fights. Despite her age she's fast as lightening and strong enough it takes me to hold her while the Vet cautiously approaches her from behind.

At home with me it's pet, pet, pick up some skin, done, pet, pet, pet. She hardly even seems to know it happened.

Plus the savings, wow. It took me about an hour round trip, and gas to visit the Vet. They charged me $22 for each visit. But my last visit plus 5 pre-filled syringes was only $31. Next time I will get more syringes.

Thought my experience might help someone else if this is an option for you.

pbpatti August 31st, 2011 02:42 PM

Ginger is saying thank you Mom for learning how to do this so I will not be afraid. :lovestruck: So much calmer for her to be given these shots at home and calmer for you too Longblades. :goodvibes: patti

Dog Dancer August 31st, 2011 03:19 PM

How great that you are doing this yourself. I was taking Shadow in to the vet for her shots, but he would come to the door of the office and do it there so she didn't have to go in because she didn't like it either. We're not doing that now, I didn't find it made a huge difference for her. At most I would have said maybe it kept her from deteriorating. So glad it's working well for you. Hugs to you and Ginger.

DMCWLVSSR August 31st, 2011 09:52 PM

:thumbs up Thanks for sharing, give the kitty gentle scritches

Goldfields August 31st, 2011 10:14 PM

Good for you Longblades. I haven't had to learn that yet but I do give our ponies and sheep their intramuscular injections. Just makes life easier all the way round, doesn't it? You are lucky to have a vet that is okay with it.

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