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Dog Dancer July 30th, 2011 10:39 PM

Dog food and ear mites??
My nephew has a two year old black lab "Jet". I haven't met the dog yet, but they were over the other night and we were talking about dog food. I asked them what they feed him and it was the generic Super Store food. I explained the value of changing from these generic foods with corn and beet pulp, and the way they fool you by saying the first ingredient is chicken (as opposed to chicken meal, but once it's dried out into meal it falls way down the list). He said to me well the dog looks great! I said "Well yeah, he's two!" Anyhow, they went out and bought Taste of the Wild as that's what I feed and about a week after changing him over he ended up with a major ear mite infection. The vet gave him a shot and some pills and asked what had changed and they said food. The vet said, that's probably what gave him mites. WHAT??? I've never heard of a dog getting ear mites from dog food. Has anybody every heard of that?? I told him I'd ask, but that I suspected his vet was full of it. He also wondered, he said he'd expect the runs but not ear mites either. Just curious....

hazelrunpack July 30th, 2011 10:52 PM

LOL Ya, diarrhea would be a much higher on my "what to watch for" list than ear mites! As far as I know you can only get mites from....well, coming in contact with mites. Unless he's implying there were ear mites hanging out in the food :shrug: :p

I think I'd be findin' me a new vet... :o

Dog Dancer August 1st, 2011 03:04 PM

Well Hazel, turns out that my nephew's dog was in a day care for two weeks while they were on holidays. Bingo! I told them they should be calling the daycare to let them know, not in an argumentative way, just to let them know that like lice in kids they may have rampant mites there. I also ran into my vet (well the girls vet actually :D) at the store today and asked him if he'd ever heard of getting mites from food and he said no definitely not. I told my nephew he needs to get a new vet theirs is an idiot.

hazelrunpack August 1st, 2011 04:11 PM

I think I gotta agree with that assessment... :laughing:

Rgeurts August 1st, 2011 04:21 PM

Wow... all I can say is... LOL! We have had some "winner" vets with our 2, but that tops them all. I'm hoping his vet was maybe just trying to take advantage of the opportunity to sell the "vet" brands? I would seriously hope no vet would actually consider that a dog would get mites from his food as they do not live long when away from the host, not mention they would never be able to withstand the heat processing in food :loser:

Dog Dancer August 1st, 2011 09:34 PM

I don't think the vet was interested in selling them food, I think he's just stupid. Hopefully when we see them again they'll ask for a vet referral... I just felt bad after telling them they should consider a better food that the vet turns around and says the dog got the mites from the food. :wall: I said, well maybe you forgot to tell the vet about the daycare thing, they said, no, they told him the dog was there for 13 days. Oh they said the dog really doesn't like the vet either, so I said it's really really time to look elsewhere.

hazelrunpack August 1st, 2011 09:38 PM

Even the [I]dog[/I] knows... :o Just sayin'...again... :p

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