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Stina May 8th, 2011 08:52 AM

My 6 month old border collie/labrador is a troublemaker!
I really need some advice! This is my first time as a dog owner. My dog is a happy and curious female, and 1 one week ago I had her neutered. This is not very important though, cause since I got her, she sometimes pee inside the house. I've had her for about 4 months, and she was used to pee inside with her other siblings. It's only in the morning, when I'm asleep. Sometimes I sleep with the bedroom door closed and I let her sleep in the bedroom with me -and she doesn't pee! It's only if she has the chance to go downstairs that she'll pee. I've tried too remove the smell with products I've seen people describe on other forums, but it has had no effect. It's always on the same spot and it doesn't seem to be about marking, since it's a lot of pee. I make her pee in the garden before I go to bed, and sometimes she wakes me up and I take her out, normally early in the morning. But most of the times she sleeps through the night. I know I could just keep my bedroom door closed, but I'm just curious about her behavior :) Hope you guys can enlighten me!
Ps. sorry for my poor english!

luckypenny May 8th, 2011 02:35 PM

Hi Stina, welcome to :).

If your puppy peeing in the house first thing in the morning is the worst of your worries, you're very lucky. A simple solution would be to take her out for a walk right before you go to bed and to set your alarm to wake you up earlier in the morning so that you can take her out [I]before[/I] she pees indoors. And don't forget to reward her! In addition, you can also lift up her water bowl about 2 hours before heading to bed at night.

Think of her as a young child in this case...when they have to go, they [I]have[/I] to go :D.

MyBirdIsEvil May 8th, 2011 05:14 PM

Does she have access to water when your door is open to your room? Because most likely she's going downstairs and drinking water, which is why she's not having accidents when she's locked in the room (could even be from the toilet). If this is the case, simply remove any water bowls overnight, keep toilet lids shut, and she should be fine.

I always completely cut my dogs off from water overnight. Otherwise they will get drinks in the middle of the night and end up waking me up to go outside.
Definitely doesn't sound like she's marking. She is house trained and just can't control her bladder at the time, so she's peeing in the same spot since she can't go outside.

If she doesn't have access to water, perhaps the fact that she's allowed to move around and not simply lay there and sleep is making her have to go. She might be walking around the house while you're asleep, and walking around makes a dog have to pee more, pretty much same with humans.

H.P. May 8th, 2011 09:20 PM

[QUOTE=luckypenny;1008292]In addition, you can also lift up her water bowl about 2 hours before heading to bed at night. [/QUOTE]

Just read this and realized that I forgot to take up the water bowl, and it is 10 min to bedtime, guess it will be an early morning for us, argh!

Sib.HuskyMom May 9th, 2011 02:07 PM

6 months old is still quite young, and it's hard to hold her bladder for such a long time overnight.
Also, since she has been recently spayed, things may "feel" differently for her and she may not recognize the signs as well herself, for when she has to go pee.

Best suggestion, set your alarm clock for 5:30am, and take her out to go pee first thing in the morning. Then over time, you can slowly start to set your alarm a little later in the morning.
As other said, limiting her water before bed time is also very important.

Best of luck with your young pup!

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