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cassingermany April 16th, 2011 04:35 AM

Cocker spaniel 8 weeks weeping eyes
I can't take her to the vet until Monday. It's not an emergency, she's by far acting like a typical puppy! We just picked her up yesterday and she had it. The breeder had a wonderful set up for the puppies, we met mom and dad but this puppy was the only one to have weeping eyes. I'm aware of the eye problems in cockers so I'm hoping it's just allergies or teething. The breeders said the parents had all the typical cocker testing but produced no paper proof of it so now it has me a tad worried that it might be something badly genetic. Would it show up this early? She already was sold but the owner backed out which supports my fear (only for her health, not that I'm afraid of having a special needs dog) so I'm wondering if anyone else has ever had a cocker puppy with weeping eyes this early and what it turned out to be. I know my pup may be different but I'd like to know others experience.

I saw her and just knew that she'd would be with us. Problems or not.

erykah1310 April 16th, 2011 09:36 AM

My rescue had weepy eyes but not badly. I would definately get her checked out, she needs to have her puppy boosters soon.
The vet will look for entropian I'm sure with those symptoms.
Also, do her eyelids fit tightly over her eyes?

Oh and I would loveto see a picture of her :D

Goldfields April 16th, 2011 10:48 AM

Could be just one or two misdirected eyelashes, or extra eyelashes , apart from entropian. One of my shelties came to us as an adult with big red tear stains under his eyes and that proved to be just a couple of extra eyelashes prickling his eye and, once they were removed, they never grew back, but he also had blocked tear ducts. I unblocked them with an American product, an eye cleanser. Good luck with the puppy, I hope it's nothing permanent. As you said yourself, it may just be teething.

cassingermany April 16th, 2011 12:24 PM

I'll update on Monday. Heres Lily:


Our other dog Anna never had a problem with stains under her eyes and has never had an eye infection. Hopefully the vet might have something for the stains.

Goldfields April 16th, 2011 08:01 PM

Oh, what an absolute sweetie. We had a blue roan cocker when I was young so it's a breed I've always thought I'd like to own again. If the vets don't have something for tear stains then companies that sell products to the dog exhibitors certainly will have. I love the intent way she's staring at the camera. :)

cassingermany April 18th, 2011 11:59 AM

The vet decided to go ahead and treat both dogs with eye drops and see what happens. My other dog developed symptoms so I'm crossing my fingers it was just something that will go away!!! Good news!

BTW, British vets are soooooooo expensive! YIKES! First time to one....

cassingermany April 27th, 2011 02:34 PM

Lily has been on her eye drops now for a while and while the symptoms are slowly stopping, it looks like its going to take a lot longer than the typical 10 days of drops to stop whatever infection is going on. Seems pretty nasty with how long its taking to cure!

hazelrunpack April 27th, 2011 02:50 PM

Is it for sure an infection? Could it be allergies or eyelash irritation? She sure is a doll! :flirt:

cassingermany April 28th, 2011 12:23 AM

I think it is. If it were allergies it would still be the same since nothing has changed outside. I used to find her with a wet face like she had been crying but now it's just down to a very small leak now.

hazelrunpack April 28th, 2011 08:03 AM

Glad the lil darlin' is improving!! :goodvibes: When she's all better (or before if you feel the urge to post some...:p), we'll need more pics. :D

cassingermany April 28th, 2011 03:27 PM

Thank you! I sure do agree! I will post after my weekend away. I'm going horse trekking in the black hills of Wales this weekend with no kids! :cloud9: maybe I'll post pics of the horses and Lily when I get back. She's gotten freckles galore the past two weeks!

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