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dbg10 December 24th, 2010 02:00 PM

Raggs has been dx'd with Hemangioma or Hemangiosarcoma
Raggs is now 13 years old and has been diagnosed with a probable hemangiosarcoma in his spleen. But there is a slim possibility he only has a hemangioma which is slightly less lethal. :( My vet and I decided that we would only put him through blood work before deciding whether to do an Ultrasound or Surgery. His complete blood count came back very suggestive of a hemangiosarcoma. However my vet did say that there is a slim possibility it is an hemangioma. My vet also said that his platelets, though low, were not as low as she would expect to see in hemangiosarcoma.

Because his gums are very pale and his hemoglobin very low, I started him on cooked liver and a multivitamin compound. I'm hoping that the liver will help his anemia.but have wondered (as in my other post) whether the liver should be given to him raw for the best absorption of the nutrients.

This all started back in the spring when I noticed a hairless tumour increasing to the size of an egg, today, on the lower part of his chest, midline. I had talked to the vet at the time and she did a needle aspiration and found fat cells in the tumour. In the last week he had 2 episodes of vomiting seemingly caused by a new treat he didn't particularly like. After that he had returned to normal until he injured his front left paw when he fell on the ice outside. His front paw was lame following the fall and because his hind legs are weak normally he lay around for the better part of 24 hours. I had to reposition his hind legs before he was able to get to his feet. He was still limping when we finally got him to the vet this last Monday.

My vet examined all his joints especially the ones in his front legs and checked the bones in his feet as well. She examined his entire body and noticed his gums were very pale and that's when she suggested we do blood work to confirm or rule out cancer. She did a complete blood count only because she told me it would tell her if any further testing was indicated. After getting the results I decided not to put him through anything more testing as it would become evident in a very short period of time if she was right. As much as I love him to bits, I have strong beliefs about the treatments for cancer. I decided to try some alternative therapies. However when I read about the individual herbs I found they were not recommended in anyone with potentially active bleeding so I settled on liver and a high dose of multiple vitamin and mineral product for dogs.

If anyone has any other remedies they have tried or heard of that work, I'd love to know what they are?

I have also looked for information on the complete blood panel results when the tumour is a hemangioma, not cancer, unsuccessfully.

I know there are those of you who would give chemo or have surgery to remove the spleen but I think it will not provide him with a better quality of life even if it does prolong his life.

Another thing I've wanted to know, is if either tumour is painful for the dog. Raggs does not appear to be in pain but I wonder if I'm just not seeing it.

Either way he has really grabbed my heart strings in the year I've had him, and I'm am really hoping that my vet is wrong and the liver I've added to his diet will help him live a lot longer than she forecast of one day up to a month but no longer. :cry::(:pray:


hazelrunpack December 24th, 2010 02:10 PM

I'm sorry to hear about Rags, dbg10 :grouphug:

We've had a dog with hemangiosarcoma--we had a positive diagnosis because the cancer had spread to his lungs. :( I'm not sure they can tell from just blood work weather it's a hemangiosarcoma or a benign hemangioma, though.

Either condition leads to blood loss through internal bleeding, though. Our dog never showed any discomfort from the condition, although because of the lung involvement, his breathing was impacted his last couple of days. But the primary tumor didn't seem to cause him pain.

Because he's anemic, Rags might feel tired, but anemia isn't usually a painful condition, either.

It's been some years since we had experience with hemangiosarcoma. Maybe there are different treatments now, but back then the only treatment option was surgery to remove the primary tumor before it burst and bled out. :( If the surgery is successful and the tumor proved to be a hemangioma, then the dog was 'cured'. If it was hemangiosarcoma, it would likely recur somewhere else in the body.

What terrible timing for you, right before the holidays :2huggers: Whatever you decide, you're in my thoughts and prayers, dbg10!

dbg10 December 24th, 2010 03:33 PM

Thanks Hazelrunpack I really appreciate your prayers.:grouphug:
They now use chemo as well as surgery depending on whether the tumour has metastasized or not.

My vet is against surgery due to his previous blood work a year ago that showed his platelet count was low (indication of how well his blood will clot). Actually it was a little weird because the previous year he had blood work done with the same normal ranges where the platelet count was much lower than it was when my vet did it in January 2010. I found it strange that it had increased (for the better) but he was living in a boarding kennel then.

She also doesn't think an ultrasound is necessary, though it might prove what he has, because he has that lump on his upper abdomen at the level of his spleen. I wonder about whether I should have the ultrasound done, but I read that an ultrasound won't necessarily show the difference between a hemangioma and hemangiosarcoma. The only diagnostic test to confirm which one it is, is a surgical biopsy or removal of his spleen. Since she doesn't think he'll live through the surgery, I don't want to take the chance.

The only thing I thought might help was to try to treat his anemia so that any small bleed will not necessarily kill him. I know when he has the massive bleed out it will be the end.:(:cry:

Yes it is the worst possible timing for this news, especially when I thought we were going for the injury to his paw and might find a broken bone in his foot. I had noticed that his gums were pale but hoped it was the way I was looking at him at the time.

The other bad thing is my vet is now away until after New Years and I might have to take him to a strange vet. :(

I forgot to mention that we increased the amount of Metacam he is getting as well, to reflect his weight gain over the last few months. He is also on a glucosame/chondroitin/MSM daily with his food and has been since I got him in January.

I am just trying to prolong his life as long as he has no pain by treating what I can. :) If anyone has any other ideas for supplements that might help I'd love to hear about them. I'm just keeping my fingers crossed and praying that he doesn't have something that will end his life in the next month. :fingerscr :pray:

BTW: my avatar pic of Raggs was taken yesterday and shows how happy he is.

MaxaLisa December 25th, 2010 09:54 PM

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MaxaLisa December 25th, 2010 10:00 PM

I am so sorry to hear about your diagnosis :(

There is a hemangiosarcoma link in this cancer thread that might be helpful:
There is an herb that is supposed to help stop bleeding that some have used, the antibiotic doxycycline has been used to prevent the formation of new blood vessels to the tumor.

Is the vet sure that there isn't a tick disease - the blood profile and enlarged spleen can be found in both. When my boy had low plat, lower red blood cell count and an enlarged spleen, the ultrasound showed no tumor, just a "generous spleen". Of course, if this is related to this fatty tumor you mention, then it wouldn't be tick related.

ScottieDog December 25th, 2010 10:09 PM

I had a dog with splenic hemangioma. It was very difficult. She was 10 years old and became ill very suddenly. The ER vet did the Xrays and ultrasound and told us there was a very large mass in the spleen. We were told it was frequently cancer. My little dog was at the point of the organ rupturing (pale gums, the spleen was "seeping"). We did the surgery and it bought us an extra year with our girl. Biopsies didn't show cancer, but the entire organ wasn't examined. This is a brutal surgery. Removing the spleen causes something to happen with the cardiac enzymes. Tipper, my little Scottie, was in ICU care for several days to monitor her heart, which was causing problems. We did the surgery because it was either that or put her to sleep. She was critical at the time. I know another Scottie owner who's dog died in recovery from the heart complications.

I know you have opted not to do surgery. I just wanted you to know that the recovery, if the dog survives surgery is very hard. My little dog took weeks to get her strength back and then without her spleen, her immune system broke down and she had random, bizarre infections her last year (UTIs constantly, hepatitis, etc.)

Tipper was a pudgy little Scottie at around 28-30 pounds. When she had her surgery, the spleen was the size of a 16-20 ounce soda bottle--it weighed over a pound. It was so engorged, it was pressing on other organs and she wasn't comfortable. I was told that her condition was one that was indicative of trauma, but she was a pampered little house dog, so no trauma. We don't know what caused this, but it is devastating.

Make your decisions for Ragg's best interest and please don't second-guess yourself. It is a horrible surgery. Tipper did get cancer later on. Chemo treatments for my Tipper's bladder cancer destroyed her kidneys and she died from kidney failure. As one who tried the chemo route, I have to say I wish I hadn't done this part.

I'm so sorry for this diagnosis. It is so hard. I will keep Raggs in my prayers and ask for strength for you as well. :pray::grouphug:

It is hard for me to talk about this. I miss my little Tipper so much still.

Love4himies December 26th, 2010 07:32 AM

I don't have any advice, but wanted to give you some :goodvibes::goodvibes::goodvibes: and a great big :grouphug:

hazelrunpack December 26th, 2010 08:52 AM

[QUOTE=dbg10;972725] The other bad thing is my vet is now away until after New Years and I might have to take him to a strange vet. :( [/QUOTE]

More :pray:s, :fingerscrs and :goodvibes: that he holds out till long after your regular vet is back, dbg! :grouphug:

[QUOTE=dbg10;972725]BTW: my avatar pic of Raggs was taken yesterday and shows how happy he is.[/QUOTE]

He does look extremely happy to be with you! You've been his :angel: this past year! What a gift to have bestowed upon him!

dbg10 December 26th, 2010 11:49 AM

Thank you all for your support and hand holding during this awful time. :) Raggs spent the day yesterday lying in his bed until the evening and then came to watch TV with me as he does every night. I was a little worried that he was so inactive but today he is bright and cheery and jumped up to lie beside me at the computer. Maybe he needed that day of rest. At least he's still holding his own. Also to me his gums look a little less pale. I didn't think the liver would work that fast, but maybe it's just me hoping they will 'pink up'.

@maxalisa thanks for the link, there is a lot of information there. I found some other info on dog cancer especially where it relates to diet. One of the diets I found was posted by the Veterinary Information Network, so I think it may be better than the other diets I found but they are all quite similar.

@ Scottidog thanks for the information about your Tipper please accept my condolences on your loss. I read about Tipper the other day when I was looking for info on the forum. I am sure you still miss her. I know I miss every one I've lost even if I've adopted a new one. I do intend to make my decisions based on what's best for Raggs. I know if he starts to go downhill and/or shows he's in pain I'll take him in to be euthanized.:(

I have issues with chemo for people, as a nurse I have seen far too many people spend the end of their lives with very few quality days when they are receiving chemo. As for giving it to an animal, unless I was absolutely certain it would be curative, I wouldn't even think of subjecting a pet to it. But that is my opinion only. I would never discourage someone from giving their pet chemo because each situation is different.:2cents:

@L4H I really appreciate your :goodvibes:

@hazel thanks. He has been the love of my life since he set foot in my home in January 2010. Because he is a beagle X I was hoping he'd last longer than a year. It will be extremely hard for my adult son and I to lose him, he is a fabulous dog. :thumbs up:):D

Yes I am praying he lasts until she gets back because I know she'll come to the house to euth him when it's necessary. :( I'm just hoping I don't find him gone one morning or anytime for that matter because I honestly don't know what I'll do if he dies at home thought that would probably be best for him. Anyone know what you do with an animal that dies at home?

Thanks everyone, I need all the support I can get to get through this one. It is almost as bad as when I had to have my first dog PTS after having her 14 1/2 years, Raggs has really wormed his way into our hearts:):cry::(

MaxaLisa December 27th, 2010 03:31 AM

When my girl died at home, when I was ready, I brought her to the vet later that day to be cremated.

Regarding chemo, and you may very well know this, but even in animals, I think it can be curative in the blood cancers, as in humans. For many of these cancers, I'm a huge believer in IP6, though I don't know about hemangio. Since the symptoms of this cancer are so similar to tick diseases, and doxy helps with these cancers, that's one drug that always makes sense to me for this cancer.

I think that diet and a good supplement program can help so much with quality, and sometimes quantity of life in these situations - am hoping for the best for you guys!

dbg10 December 28th, 2010 08:56 PM

Thanks Maxalisa I appreciate your information. I have chosen for the time being to restrict his diet and add supplements. The diet I've chosen or more to the point designed has very few carbohydrates, high protein and relatively high fat. Apparently this combination tends to reduce the proliferation of the cancer cells. He seems to be getting a little stronger, and is still happy and behaving normally even fighting with the cats and reminding them who's boss. Right this minute he's in his bed pouting because I am late going to watch TV and he will come out as he always does as soon as I sit down in front of the TV. So I'd best get offline and do what he wants :)

With my vet away until next week I'm just trying to do what I can until then.
Thanks again for all the support :grouphug:

14+kitties December 28th, 2010 10:55 PM

Awww crud dbg, I just read this. :( I am so sorry you are going through this. :grouphug: Are you doing the liver raw? I know when I was giving Brownie his liver every day he loved it raw. When he got to the point where he wouldn't do the raw any more I cooked it very lightly in the microwave for a few seconds. It got him interested in eating it again. I figured liver, like any other foods once it is cooked, loses some of its' nutrients.
Again, I am sorry. Many :fingerscr:goodvibes::pray: coming yours and Raggs' way. :grouphug:

dbg10 December 29th, 2010 03:13 PM

Thanks 14+ I really appreciate your support. :grouphug:

I have been cooking the chicken liver because he does not seem to respond to the strong smell of raw liver. I stuck it under his nose and he backed away from it so I figured I'd go with cooked and so far so good. I definitely agree with you that raw would be better for maximum nutrient uptake.

He seems to be stronger every day. He is spending more time than usual in his bed, but I think he now finds it more comfortable there with the breeze from the air vents blowing on him. He has demanded to go outside the last two days to relieve himself which I had been preventing him from doing because of his sore front paw. ( he has to go down 4 stairs to get outside). (I have pee pads all over the house for him to use, which he has been) He is still limping occasionally but is definitely ok when he goes out and climbs the stairs to get back in. He seems interested in everything going on in the house more than he was and is telling the cats who's boss on a regular basis. So I definitely see an improvement in him. His gums appear a little pinker, but maybe that's my imagination.

He is more than happy to eat and drink and have treats and is behaving normally more than he was. So maybe we got past the worst for now keeping my fingers crossed, anyway.:fingerscr

The diet I've designed is based on an anticancer diet I found online written by the Veterinary Information Network for dogs with cancer and I've added a few items mentioned on other anti-cancer sites for dogs. I'm not sure if I should post it here unless others want to know what it is.

Anyway the good news is he is holding his own :thumbs up

hazelrunpack December 29th, 2010 06:24 PM

Glad to hear he's doing so well, dbg. :goodvibes: :grouphug: I'd be interested in your anticancer diet if you're willing to post. You hope you never need it, but knowledge is power and it's nice to have alternatives if the need arises.

rainbow December 29th, 2010 06:45 PM

I'm happy to hear that Raggs is showing improvement and hope it continues. :fingerscr :goodvibes:

I also think you should post the diet and I think most folks would like to see it as well. :thumbs up

dbg10 December 30th, 2010 08:35 PM

Thanks Hazel and Rainbow I will post it. I am still playing with the amounts and a few of the ingredients.

I started by reading everything I could about treating dog cancer with diet alone. I came to the conclusion that there were a multitude of options but the essentially boiled down to a diet that was high in protein, high in fat especially omega 3 oils and low in simple carbohydrates but complex carbs at a minimum were ok. I also knew that I had to treat his anemia if he was going to make it through another spontaneous bleed that my vet said would occur eventually.

So I started with foods that would raise his hemoglobin in his iron deficient state. Liver was the first thing that came to mind.

So then I decided to put together a diet of many of the things I had found online that were contained in the recommended cancer diets for dogs.

Don't ask my why because I honestly don't know, I started with a very small amount of his original dry food which is Pro Plan Select Senior Natural Turkey and Barley Formula about 1/4 cup of it. I'm also adding about 1/5 of a large can of Pedigree choice cuts with the gravy for taste.

I was already giving him rice from the episode of vomiting he'd had the week before he hurt his foot but I reduced the amount.

So here is his diet
[LIST][*]1/4 cup of Pro Plan Senior Select Natural Turkey & Barley[*]1/5 can Pedigree Choice Cuts Beef with 3 tbsp gravy (can is 374 ml)[*]3 heaping tbsp of cooked and broken up chicken liver mixed with 3 tbsp of olive oil[*]1/4 lb of ground beef, chicken or turkey[*]1/2 cup of cooked white rice (that's what I had available instead of brown rice)[*]1 crushed sardine with olive oil it is packed in[*]1 whole raw egg[*]1 cup plain yogurt[*]5 crushed Nutri-Vet Senior Vitality Vitamins (3 for his body weight + 2 to catch up)[*] enough warm water to bring it up to temperature[*]UBA vet 5 ml[*]Metacam by weight 28 ml[/LIST]
I think he finds the diet a little rich because he eats it over several hours but always cleans the bowl in the end.

Raggs wasn't at all impressed with raw liver or raw beef so I decided to cook the meat. He has shown more strength every day and is definitely staying involved in the animal and people families. I also received the results of his blood work today in the mail so here it is. My vet said it is consistent with either a hemangioma or hemangiosarcoma though it could also indicate a severe infection. She doesn't think it's a severe infection because he has no fever and is still more than willing to eat. I am a nurse and know what these blood results mean in humans, not animals. In case anyone can read the results properly or can hazard a guess at what they mean, here are the blood work results:
[LIST][*]White Blood Count 50.4 Normals 6.0 - 17.0 x10E9/L[*]Red Blood Cells 5.2 Normals 5.5 - 8.5 x10E12/[*]Hemoglobin 116 Normal 135 - 205 g/L[*]Hematocrit 0.36 Normal 0.39 - 0.60 L/L[*]MCV 70 Normal 62 - 77 fl[*]MCH 22 Normal 21 - 26 pg[*]MCHC 322 Normal 320 - 360 g/L[*]Reticulocytes 1.9 Normal 0 - 1.5 %[*]Platelets 293 Normal 165 - 550 x10E9/L[*]Nucleated RBC's 1 Normal - /100[/LIST][LIST][*]DIFFERENTIAL[*]Bands 11.0 % 5.5 abs Normal 0.0 - 0.9 x10E9/L[*]Neutrophils 81.0 % 40.8 abs Normal 3.0 - 11.5 x10E9/L[*]Lymphocytes 5.0 % 2.5 abs Normal 1.0 - 4.8 x10E9/L[*]Monocytes 2.0 % 1.0 abs Normal 0.2 - 1.4 x10E9/L[*]Eosinophils 1.0% 0.5 abs Normal 0.0 - 1.2 x10E9/L[*]Basophils 0.0 % 0.0 abs Normal 0.0 - 0.2 x10E9/L[/LIST][LIST][*]MORPHOLOGY[*]WBC Left Shift - Present[*]WBC Neutrophilia - Marked[*]WBC Toxic Neutrophils Present[*][*]RBC Anemia - mild[*]RBC Howell Jolly Bodies - Few[*]RBC Polychromasia - 1 - 3[*]RBC Response to Anemia - Good[*][*]PLT Morphology - Normal[/LIST]
About Raggs's diet there are several websites where I found information that had similarities so they are where I got the most info for designing his diet.

[URL=""]K9 Dog Cancer Diet [/URL]

[URL=""]Dog Cancer Diet and Natural Supplements[/URL]

[URL=""]Nutrition for the Canine Cancer Patient by Dr Gregory Ogilvie DVM Colorado State University[/URL]

[URL=""]Homemade Cancer Diet Recipe from CCA[/URL]

[URL=""]Nutritional Requirements of Dogs and Cats with Cancer, Dept of Oncology Veterinary Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania [/URL]

[URL=""]Veterinary Diet for Dogs with Cancer[/URL]

[URL=""]Integrative Treatment of Cancer in Dogs and Cancer Diet for Dogs[/URL]

[URL=""]Dr Dressler's Dog Cancer Survival Guide and Diet[/URL] The guide costs money which I didn't spend but there is still a lot of info available through his site.
According to his website Dr. Demian Dressler, DVM is apparently known as the "dog cancer vet".

Thanks everyone for all the support, I certainly need it while trying to help Raggs. :grouphug:

If anyone has any comments on the diet, please let me know. If you think I am doing something wrong, I would really like to know that too.

I want to do what's best for Raggs with the idea of helping him live the longest possible life in quality and comfort. :) :pray: :fingerscr

luckypenny December 30th, 2010 09:03 PM

[QUOTE=hazelrunpack;972806]He does look extremely happy to be with you! You've been his :angel: this past year! What a gift to have bestowed upon him![/QUOTE]

I wanted to say that Hazel's words are my sentiments as well. It's fate that brought Raggs into your home and into your heart :grouphug:.

MaxaLisa December 31st, 2010 12:04 AM

For an anti-cancer diet, I would nix all processed food. I wouldn't generally recommend the Pro Plan or the Pedigree, and definitely not for an anti-cancer diet. I don't have the ingredients handy right now, but those brands generally have a lot of filler.

I would nix the white rice too, and would use a base of steamed veggies. Others that I know would use a raw diet, but my dogs generally have had too weak of digestive systems to tolerate raw.

I'm guessing that the sardine adds a tiny bit of omega-3 fatty acids, but overall, any additional amounts would be good - particularly DHA. Fish or algae based.

With that blood profile, I would treat with doxycycline. Hard to distinguish between hemangio and infection. If you. Search Dressler's site you will find a couple of blog entries on using doxy to fight cancer, hemangio also. So it kills two birds with one stone.

Some dogs are real sensitive to oils, and you can induce pancreatitis, so you have to be careful. My girl was very sensitive, and I couldn't add much of oils. I did give her a lot of fresh ground flax seeds. Budwig's flax oil and cottage cheese protocol is very powerful.

Fighting cancer is so tough, you are fighting the good fight, and all the additions that you have made are definitely making him feel good. Hope all is still well on your end.

dbg10 December 31st, 2010 09:33 PM

Thanks Luckypenny, I believe that too. I'm just hoping I get a little more time to love him :)

Thanks Maxalisa for your comments about his diet. I included rice because it is in several of the dog cancer diets I found especially in the ones posted by the Veterinary Information Network. Complex carbohydrates are recommended in dog cancer diets because they do not feed the cancer.

When I adopted him I experimented with a number of both dry and wet foods ranging from the best and most natural to the mediocre and he was very difficult to please. He had been eating grocery store food for 12 years and I had trouble getting him to accept anything better than that. I finally found he would eat Pro Plan Select Senior which was the best food I could get him to eat and because he was severely underweight at the time my main aim was to get him to eat a reasonably acceptable food. Pedigree choice cuts I used to flavour and moisten his food only and that was what he had been given for most of his life as a wet food. Now the cancer diet is something totally different and he eats it over several hours. I think it may be too rich for him and that's why he takes so long to eat it. He also likes company when he's eating.

Sardines and pure virgin olive oil have some of the highest levels of B12 and other B's, omega 3's, selenium and all the nutrients recommended in the cancer diets. They also are included in the cancer diets I found from the VIN. [URL=""]Nutrtients in Sardines[/URL] and [URL=""]Nutrients In Extra Virgin Olive Oil [/URL]

I also read that using a lot of veggies in his diet would probably cause diarrhea. I don't want to stress him in any way so I have not added any veggies. Instead he gets the multivite/mineral tabs yogurt, an egg etc. The amount of processed food he is getting is limited to the 2 tbsp of gravy from the Pedigree can and the 1/4 cup of pro plan.(normal for his weight is 2 1/2 cups a day). The first thing he eats when he goes to his dish is the Pro Plan and Pedigree chunks of meat so I am not sure if he'd eat any of the diet if I removed them completely.

I'm not saying the diet I've put together is perfect, probably far from it, but I have taken into account the fact he is 13 years old and is a finicky eater at the best of times. I probably should add some veggies to it, but he hasn't wanted any I've offered him before he got sick so I doubt if he'll eat them now. I was surprised he didn't like carrots because all of my previous dogs loved them.

I discussed the use of antibiotics with my vet before she left on holidays and she said if it were a severe infection then he would have a fever, other abnormal blood work and other signs to indicate infection. She said the lab results as they are don't indicate an infection because his WBC's are much too high without the other tests being abnormal. I will discuss doxycycline with her again when she returns.

The one thing I keep thinking is that if he hadn't hurt his leg/paw/elbow I wouldn't have taken him to the vet and heard the bad news. The other thing that crosses my mind is how long he's had the lump on his chest/abdomen and that it appears to be very slow growing unless it is growing inside as well. So maybe, just maybe he will live a month or more :fingerscr but I'm not under any illusions that I am right and my vet is wrong.

I really appreciate all of your help and support, I re-evaluate everything I'm doing when I hear alternatives and some of the ideas are excellent and I may introduce them a little at a time. :grouphug: :)

Happy New Year to one and all!! :crazy::thumbs up :D

MaxaLisa January 6th, 2011 04:48 AM

The o-3's, also according to the link, should be about 9,000 mg. Olive oil is primarily O-9, and sardines are high in O-3's, but not that high. I believe that striving for high doses of the good oils is where some dogs get in trouble - trouble with fats more than protein, but that's the dosage that's called for in that diet.

Broccoli, cauliflower, green beans also add fiber to the diet. I have fed primarily a meat and vegetable diet for over 10 years no (no grains or potatoes) and the vegetables are really only a problem where there are weird allergies. I like the Normandy mix from Costco and I use a vegetable steamer, but I have too pick out the carrots, my boy is allergic.

You're right though, the important thing is that he eat the diet and it is working for him. I might first try adding the beef with no rice to his kibble and see if the works. That little extra of kibble that you are giving already has the carbs to offset the meat. Then, add the super veggies. Again, I worry about the oils, and too many oils, particularly without extra digestive enzymes, might be making him feel ill. You'll have to mess with it, and see how he feels. Keep an eye on the firmness of the stomach - if it's real tense and firm, that can often be inflammation. My girl would get this with oils.

I see now why you are making the choices you are, knowing his history best, and his quirks. I hope that he surprises you and all of us.

hazelrunpack January 6th, 2011 08:15 PM

How is Rags doing, dbg10? :fingerscr

dbg10 January 7th, 2011 11:00 AM

Thanks Maxalisa for your concern. Yes I am really aware of the added oils and am being really careful of how much I add. I noted that statement in the diet about the fact that you needed a huge amount of O-3's to be practical to add to a diet and you shouid get it from other sources like kibble. The vitamin/mineral supplement I'm giving him gives him some additional O-3's. So far he's doing well with the diet, no extra trips outside except yesterday when it was snowing, he loves snow. I've kept an eye on the tenseness of his belly and his poops to make sure they are formed with no signs of diarrhea. He seems comfortable and anxious to be fed. He's also demanding his treats at the usual time. So far so good, the diet may not be completely balanced but I am trying the best I can to stick to that diet. The veggies are not going over well at all, but I have slipped a small amount in mixed with the sardines and I'm trying to add more each day. He is such a finicky eater though and very aware of any additions. He goes off and pouts with his back to me when I add something he doesn't like. It is hilarious, :D but he is so stubborn he doesn't back down or later start to eat what I've given him, he just refuses to eat the meal. I now give in and make him another meal after a few hours because I think it better that he eats, than not. We have gone through this since I adopted him, if I give him something he doesn't like. A few times I waited overnight but he still didn't eat the food he didn't like. It's like having a 2 yr old child again LOL :laughing:

Thanks for asking hazel I appreciate it. The last few days he seems stronger than he was and his gums are pinking up. He has gone back to his usual behaviours (or misbehaviours) and has been barking at the cats and preventing them from getting at his treats or food which was his usual game.When I put his food down for him he usually lies about a foot away for about 15 minutes and waits til a cat heads toward the dish and then barks at them and chases them away. He is also more active and has been insisting on going outside to relieve himself (he has to go down and up 4 stairs both in and out). His limp is limited to an occasional slight limp when he's been really active. He seems better, but I still have to remember his blood work was very abnormal and though I may have improved his hemoglobin and anemia status, I doubt I've done much for the cancer. It's hard to tell :( I notice his hind end is stronger since I increased the dose of metacam to reflect his increased weight. I think I mentioned in one of my posts that there was a little drainage from his right elbow and after that he didn't seem to limp any more so I assume that is where his injury was though there was nothing obvious when I took him to the vet.

For those of you who believe as I do that "things always happen in three's" I am still waiting for the third thing. One of my gf's had her 10 yr old cat die in her arms last week and the second gf had a second surgery on her cat for cancer and the wound didn't heal so they had to put her cat down the other day after trying palliative application of healing cream to the open incision for several weeks to get the wound to heal.:( :angel2::cry:

I'm just keeping my fiinger's crossed that he lives longer than he was given when he was diagnosed 2 weeks ago. :fingerscr :pray:At least he's getting a super diet and everything he could ever want in his last few weeks and I'm doing everything I can to keep him alive. :thumbs up:)

Thanks all :grouphug:

14+kitties January 7th, 2011 11:09 AM

:grouphug: for you and Rags. :grouphug:

MaxaLisa January 7th, 2011 05:55 PM

Just checking in to send my best....

My last two posts were via phone, and sometimes I am terse, or don't get a good overview when I am posting that way...hope none of it came off the wrong way.

Good to hear that he has some misbehaviour coming out - always a good sign!

rainbow January 7th, 2011 06:29 PM

Sending lots more :pray: :fingerscr :goodvibes: for you and Raggs. :grouphug:

dbg10 January 7th, 2011 09:33 PM

Thanks everyone. :grouphug: I never noticed Maxalisa :) You will be happy to know that he is po'd at me tonight because we went out and left him alone for 2 hours. He is lying with his back end to me ..pouting. Also I took a chance tonight and ordered another bottle of his metacam - the 100ml bottle which will last 53 days. I'm just hoping he lasts that long to use it. My vet gave me the choice of the 32 ml bottle that lasts 17 days or the 100 ml bottle so I've taken the chance with a lot of hope and prayer. :fingerscr :grouphug::pray:

ScottieDog January 8th, 2011 09:32 AM

I've been checking in for updates. Know that you and your sweetie Raggs are in my thoughts. :grouphug:

dbg10 January 8th, 2011 12:54 PM

:fingerscr:laughing:Thanks for thinking about us Scottiedog :) :grouphug: The only things I notice that are not particularly good is the hairless bump/tumour on his abdomen is slightly larger and has shifted slightly to the side of midline. However, it has not changed colour and is still pink. He does have rapid breathing but doesn't appear to be more rapid than it has been for the last 6 months or so. :confused:

He has also insisted on going outside frequently and I was worried about this, but my son went out to see what he was doing last night and he was rolling around in the snow in the back yard. :laughing:

So far so good. If he makes it until Tuesday he will have been with us 1 year and I'm praying he lasts longer than that :pray: :fingerscr

hazelrunpack January 10th, 2011 09:36 PM

In case I'm not around tomorrow, give Raggs a happy anniversary hug for me, dbg!

ScottieDog January 11th, 2011 09:38 AM

Happy Anniversary Raggs! A big hug from me too.

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