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Masha November 9th, 2010 08:40 PM

Raw Feeding Kittens
My sister's two kittens (Amy's babies) are quite the fans of raw meat. So we decided to start them off on raw since they are young to avoid having to convince them later on. (they are a little over 3 months we estimate)

I know some of you said that you raw feed your cats -- any tips on what to do/not to do? any online resources that you found very helpful?

We raw feed Jermy and know the ins and outs there -- are there any major differences when raw feeding cats?

So far the kitties have been eating things like chicken wings and liver and the love it.


sugarcatmom November 9th, 2010 08:53 PM

Yay, that's awesome that you guys are going to feed the kittens raw! I started my foster litter off on raw and they are some darn healthy and energetic kitties. Some good sites to check out on the topic:

There are some differences between feeding cats and dogs raw. Cats have much narrower nutritional requirements and it's important not to stray to far from that. You want to ensure they get the appropriate calcium-phosphorus ratio, for starters. And while dogs do great on the "balance over time" concept, cats really should have most of their meals as balanced as possible.

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