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2sheltiesmom September 21st, 2010 03:40 PM

B.C. family desperately searching for stolen Boston Terrier
Dog News Examiner by Penny Eims
Nelson, BC - For individuals that love their dogs, there is no distinction between a label of canine or family. Emotions for these beloved companion dogs vary little, if any, from those felt towards human members of the family. For those that feel that their dog is their family, there is little difference between the kidnapping of their dog, and the kidnapping of their child-the emotions are devastating.

For this reason, Kristi and Alex Malakoff are currently in a state panic over what appears to be the dog-napping of their beloved Boston Terrier, Moose. On Monday, Sept. 13, Moose disappeared from 502 Vernon Street (corner of Ward), in Nelson, BC.

On Monday, Kristi was working at the Touchstones Museum in Nelson. Around 12:50 pm, she took a brief moment to get her lunch - when she returned...moments later, Moose was gone.

Kristi began a frantic search of the lobby area, and then headed outside. Two workers immediately asked her if she was searching for her small black dog - they had seen a tall, dark-haired man enter the loading bay of the gallery and snatch the small, black and white dog and then head towards Main Street.

A third apparent witness saw a man fitting the same description, holding Moose, and walking across Josephine Street, at Baker. Kristi's gut instinct tells her that this tall, dark-haired man is not local - that he has left the area, but she has no way of knowing for sure.

Police reports have been filed and fliers have been created, but Kristi is desperate for more eyes and ears to be made aware of this situation. Moose is more than her treasured dog - he is her friend, her companion, her family. She is mourning his loss like that of a lost child and she is in need of help.

Identifying Information for "Moose":
Boston Terrier
9 yrs of age
Black with white on the chest
Scar on left eye
Missing right claw on the front paw

[SIZE="3"][B]Reward offered $2000 - NO QUESTIONS ASKED
Any tips can be phoned to Kristi or Alex at 250-352-0542 or 604-762-5797
Email: [email][/email] [/B][/SIZE]

It is impossible to know the motive of the individual that took Moose from Kristi. Moose could have been stolen so that someone could sell him. Someone could have had an infatuation with the breed and decided to help themselves to a beautiful dog that was small enough to snatch. Prayers that Moose was not taken to be a bait dog.

Please help circulate this article to friends, family and those on Facebook and ... Please Tweet and circulate as much as possible. For those that consider their dogs to be family - empathy can be felt for Kristi and Alex's current sense of dread, panic and loss.


Koteburo September 22nd, 2010 01:12 AM

I really really wish she finds her doggie again :goodvibes::fingerscr
What a horrible thing that bait thing I didn't even know that existed until today :( I hope is not for that

rainbow September 22nd, 2010 01:31 AM

I live just outside of Castlegar and will copy and post your notice right away on the local community website we have here as well as email to everyone in the area I know.

This is such a sad story and the Malakoffs must be devastated. :grouphug:

I hope that Moose is located soon. :fingerscr :goodvibes:

2sheltiesmom November 10th, 2010 03:27 PM

Thank you from Moose's Mommy, Kristi
:cry:Moose has not been found despite the massive effort put into searching for him.
Kristi sends her thanks and appreciation to the many kind-hearted :lovestruck:animal lovers who have given their help and support.

Chris21711 December 3rd, 2010 11:24 AM

I just received this message from "Helping Homeless Pets"......Moose has been sighted close to where he went missing from.


The Boston Terrier Moose that was reported Stolen is BC has been spotted not far from his orginal location. We have no coverage in that area on Helping Lost Pets. Please forward this email out and lets get Moose Found.

Here's his HeLP Map location


BenMax December 3rd, 2010 11:40 AM

Com'n can do it just in time for X-mas little man. :goodvibes:

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