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brianna079 September 14th, 2010 05:24 PM

Weird rash for Bunny?
This is Bunny, about a 5 month old super sweet kitty at the shelter.

Just a little background info on her: she arrived with her sister Debuena when they were 2 months old. Healthwise, Debuena was in fantastic shape, but Bunny seemed to have a problem. Although she had a good appetite, and was dewormed when she arrived, her belly seemed to grow at a crfazy rate in a weird shape. Very large, round, and very firm.

At 2.5 months I took her to the local Hospital and she had an ultrasound done where the vet saw an enormous mass in her abdomen, but didnt know what it was. He said best bet would be to open her up and hope for the best. I then discussed this with one of the vets who does surgeries for us, and she said she would open her in our (new) surgery room in house, and again, we would hope for the best.

At 3 months Bunny purred like crazy when we gave her hugs and kisses before putting her asleep, and we all kept our fingers crossed. Well wouldnt you know that it was not a mass inside her, but a "defective" kidney that wouldnt drain, and the vet removed it. Bunny went through surgery like a champ and woke with and healed with flying colors!!!

Then, about a month later, she got a URI, and along with her antibiotics, we woudl clean her runny irritated eyes, and put cream in them. Within 48 hours, her face had swollen up and we stopped the cream immediatly. Since then, shes been in perfect health, except this horrible face rash. She is not contagious, and plays with a bunch of other young kitties each morning, but neither vets can find whats up with her.

Has anyone gone through something similar? Any ideas that we may have over looked? Bunny thanks you!


Winston September 14th, 2010 07:58 PM

Your vets probably looked in this already but its worth a shot??



Good Luck


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