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NSDreamer September 9th, 2010 06:22 AM

14 yr old Lab feeling sick

I have a 14 year old black lab named Magic (who is most assuredly the awesome). Anyway, she's had arthritis and the vet told me to give her childrens advil liquid to help ease the pain. Medical background complete. That's the only thing she's on.

Flash forward to the last few days. She has been vomitting and having diarrhea and is mildly lethargic. She is eating her food, but most of it is coming back out. Her jaw also seems to be clicking when she eats with her head tilted down though that may be unrelated.

I have switched her from her regular food to a rice and beef mixture that the vet has told me to give her before when she is feeling sick (2 parts rice to one part lean ground beef cooked). She seems to have a bit more energy that yesterday, but I'm still worried. This has been going on a few days. I personally can literally not afford a vet, as in if I took her to one I would not be able to pay for it. I recently had a death in the family and it took all my savings to travel and take time off for it. So any advice would be greatly GREATLY appreciated.

Worried Lab Owner

Dog Dancer September 9th, 2010 02:55 PM

Sorry to hear about your dog not being well. Unfortunately at her age she can go downhill very very fast if she is left untreated. Your dog could dehydrate quickly. It is very important that you get her to the vet. Ask your vet if he will take payments. I'm sorry I can't offer you any other advice, but at her age she deserves to be treated by a vet for the best prognosis.

hazelrunpack September 9th, 2010 04:09 PM

I'm afraid this isn't something that you can avoid the vet on. DD is right--she can go downhill very quickly. :fingerscr that your vet will take payments on installment. Be up front and tell them that money is tight when you make the appointment--these days a lot of vets try to be more accommodating because times are so tough all around.

If it were me, NSDreamer, I'd also take Magic off the ibuprofen totally. Many dogs don't do well with ibuprofen--it can cause unlcers and gastric/intestinal distress consistent with what's going on with her now.

To get her to eat, try raising her bowl up a few inches. If she's getting acid reflux this can help minimize it and perhaps help her keep her food down.

Good luck with your dog! Please let us know what the vet says and how Magic is doing!

mastifflover September 9th, 2010 04:15 PM

You would be surprised how some vets will let you set up a payment plan I have done it before. Once we did it and now we do it all the time for expensive things my vet knows I love my dog and would not be remiss about paying him to keep my dog healthy. Pay what you can upfront and work something out Your companion deserves it, who knows it could be something minor but untreated could turn bad

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