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Longblades September 5th, 2010 08:30 AM

Purina ProPlan Selects Salmon MAJOR FORMULA CHANGE
Copied from another forum and posted here instead of food section as this may be noticed more quickly

[QUOTE]Purina ProPlan Selects Salmon MAJOR FORMULA CHANGE

Just wanted to post this alert for those using this brand. My dog had an extreme reaction to the change. I won't be checking back in, just wanted to give notice of my discovery.

Purina ProPlan Selects Natural Salmon & Brown Rice has changed their formula dramatically. Purina is not indicating the formula change on the bags, though they have altered the appearance of the packaging slightly. I don't know if they've changed the formulas for the other Selects varieties.

I used this food for 3 years with outstanding success for both of my sensitive dogs. It was essentially a limited ingredient food (Salmon, Brown Rice) with higher than normal EFAs, which helped my greyhound Drum greatly with his SLO (autoimmune disease requiring high doses of EFAs). Bearing in mind that the first 5 ingredients in any food are the substance of it (anything after that is trace amounts or part of a vit/min mix), I originally tried this food back in our Food Merry-Go-Round days on the recommendation of a most trusted friend.

Prior Formula: Salmon, Brown Rice, Fish Meal, Oatmeal, Canola Meal, Animal Fat, Pearled Barley.

I was worried about the Pearled Barley, but as it was the 7th ingredient and everything before it were foods both of my dogs tolerated well, I agreed to try. They never reacted to that amount of barley. Both of them never had a soft stool in 3 years, and never walked away from a meal, and no negative GI symptoms at all. But within the past week my Lab Grip has vomited, refused to eat, and has had frequent squelching stomach sounds and heinous, wallpaper-peeling gas. Until today (when I decided to call Petsmart to see if there was a formula change) I had been putting it down to Grip mourning Drum (who we helped to leave this world of pain a week ago). I'm glad I didn't wait too long to listen to the little food-analysis gremlin in my head.

The new formula ingredient list reads: Salmon, Barley, Chicken Meal, Brewers Rice, Animal Fat, Brown Rice, Brewers Dried Yeast.

This food is no longer qualified to be called "hypoallergenic" and is not suitable for gluten-sensitive dogs, or dogs with chicken allergies (the old formula was chicken-free).

Hoping anyone who has used this food with the same excellent results I experienced, but have now lost, will make their anger and frustration known to Purina.

1-800-776-7526 (1-800-PROPLAN)
(Mon. - Fri., 7 a.m. - 7 p.m. CT)

or via email from their website: - Products - Purina

I was once solidly anti-Purina, till I tried this food and watched my near-death greyhound recover and go into remission using it. Then I was pro-Selects Salmon (though I always thought Beneful was the dregs of the kibble world). They have now lost my faith, and I doubt it can be restored.[/QUOTE]

PBGator September 28th, 2011 06:31 PM

Purina Hiding Formula Changes Again
I see Purina has a history of making significant changes to pet food formula without alerting the public. Here they go again in 2011: Purina ProPlan Selects for cats was specifically targeted to owners who wanted food with no corn. Now, as they secretly change the formula, the ONLY change they made to the bag is removal of the small circle in the upper right corner that brags No Corn, All Natural. Everything else about the bag is exactly the same. Except for the ingredients. Corn, formerly not present, is now the #2 ingredient! I only noticed by accident. And now I have to go through the process of changing our six month old kitten's diet to a different brand. Don't trust Purina!

sugarcatmom September 28th, 2011 07:13 PM

[QUOTE=PBGator;1025432] And now I have to go through the process of changing our six month old kitten's diet to a different brand. [/QUOTE]

Maybe now would be a great time to switch to wet food instead of kibble. There really isn't ANY good dry food for cats. See why here: [url][/url]

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