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onster August 31st, 2010 12:06 PM

Bearded Dragon
I kind of am taking care of a bearded dragon for the next 5 days as a result of a rash decision. I was at a get together and I know this one girl has a bearded dragon she usually brings everywhere with her so I asked her how it was doing? she told me ohh she's downstairs in my purse (yahhh.) and actually she was looking for someone to petsit her for a few days. I told her I wouldn't mind...turns out she was leaving the next morning :eek: , way to last minute things.

Anyhooo Ive been given no food, no setup no nothing. Just a here's habla (dragon) at the end of the night, put her in your purse. Umm dude how can I care for her??? Oh she's gonna hibernate, put her in a box for the 5 days, don't need to feed her.

Sure enough she hasn't moved, like literally moved at all, for the past 48 hours. It's still alive though, I guess it is indeed hibernating.

I guess I just wanted to see if this sounds alright to anyone? I don't want to kill the poor thing but her owner has had her a while now so I guess she knows what she's talking about. I love how she never even took my number or anything, I'm not sure she even knows my name. We do have lots of mutual friends tho.

I googled and google makes me think this poor thing has not been having adequate care at all.

onster August 31st, 2010 12:15 PM

Oh and I didn't put her in a box, I sort of put her in one of my sweaters and put her in my mom's bathtub for the night (she was in the girl's sweater the whole night when she wasn't in her purse). I figured that way she could at least walk around the tub if she did wake up or whatever but this morning she hadn't moved at all. I did make sure she had air coming in though so she's not suffocated by the sweater.

It doesn't seem right to me.

krdahmer August 31st, 2010 11:05 PM

I don't have any experience with reptiles...but I'm pretty sure they need more care than that....doesn't seem right to me, don't they eat crickets and stuff and need warm lamps etc?? And so weird that she didn't want your info....maybe you just inhereted a new pet!:eek:

14+kitties August 31st, 2010 11:19 PM

[QUOTE=krdahmer;948600] And so weird that she didn't want your info....maybe you just inhereted a new pet!:eek:[/QUOTE]

Ohh, a new amusement for Bunduk and Onnie!! :laughing::laughing:

Marty11 September 1st, 2010 07:54 AM

We had bearded dragons for a while. Yes they need a heat lamp, it's hibernating cause it's body temp is down. It will eat live crickets from a pet store, you'll find this somewhere that sells, fish and lizards. Don't seem right to me.

onster September 1st, 2010 11:46 AM

oh HEEeeeeL NO! hahaha I don't need another pet. Plus...i find reptiles kind of pointless as pets :o I'm sorry :o

ok so our mutual friend contacted her for me and wrote on my wall this:

"okay **** called and I have the following, very unclear, instructions for Hebla:
1) no need to feed her, you can try force feeding but there really isn't any need =S
2) because she won't be eating, there will be no need to worry about waste disposa...l
3) no need for the lamp thing, shes in hibernation now so yes, keeping her in a box where she can breathe should be good enough!
Good Luck! =)" which I replied

"force feed? for reals? haha. umm no.

Y do I feel like this thing is a tamagotchi pet???? (u know those electronic pet thingies that were all the craze when we were kids). lol

Anyhoo thanks 4 all the info"

yeah I'm not gonna force feed her and force feed her with what??? and then apparntly if I do feed her then I need to bathe her in water for her to poop (someone told me that after the girl left and i was all woah hey now no1 told me that).

I guess I will just let her hibernate and do her thing..I dunno...*shrugs*.

I know it's probably not right but if its hibernating then at least it wont die right.

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