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PatX2Mom August 22nd, 2010 08:15 AM

How much pumpkin for 11 week old kitten?
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Good day everyone,

Can anyone please advise me on how much pumpkin I should feed a 4 lb 11 week old kitten who has loose bowel movements?

Here's the facts:

Fluffy has diarhea. (evidence left behind my corner cabinet in living room)

All furbabies are fed wet food twice daily and supplemented with dry food. I am attempting to slowly change both the kitten and adult cat food to wellness.

Cuddles and Fluffy received their first vaccinations, deworming, and revolution treatment last Saturday. Each sneeze occassionally (which did not cause alarm with vet as eyes are clear, hearts clear of fluid). (Their big brother has herpes, FYI).

Someone (Cuddles or Fluffy) decided that adult food looks better, but has decided to vomit it back up. (that was a couple of days ago, no new evidence that vomitting is occuring anymore!)

Both Cuddles and Fluffy are quite active. Fluffy has no issues with eating...she loves to eat.

Unfortunately, I attempted to feed the cats some wet food that none of them liked, but I think Fluffy ate.

My concerns: That Fluffy has an irritated stomach due to food changes or eating her brother's lysine treat.

Please find below pictures taken this morning of the new additions to my family.



I'm hoping to ease her little belly until my vet opens up tomorrow morning. Any advice?

14+kitties August 22nd, 2010 11:30 AM

You could add about 1/4 tsp to each of her feedings. I would suspect the diarrhea is from the new foods she is trying. That is normal with diet changes. You could also try to give her a spoonful of plain yogurt to replace her belly flora or a small amount (a pinch) of acidophilus (probiotics) can be added to her food as well. That can be found at good health food or drug stores.
They are both cutie pies!! :cloud9:

PatX2Mom August 22nd, 2010 01:12 PM

Thanks 14+ kitties. I think my baby girls are cute, too! I've picked up the pure pumpkin and see if it helps.

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