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Magicwildwolf69 July 12th, 2010 09:20 PM

oh boy won't believe what i have
ok first of i know i've been gone a long time. lets just say i don't have a computer and i couldn't remember the addy for this fourm. i forgot to write it down before i gave my brother my computer to upgrade. anyway i'll post that story in another post

my problem or situation is i found a kitten tonight. "he" i think its a he lol is pure white. i remember hearing something about white cats being deaf. he's super skinny and well super cuddly. he's so cute. but i just realized that i've been talking and my phone has been ringing and well he's not waking up just sleeping away on my chest.

hubby wants me to take him to the humanie society. i was going to but not sure if he turns out to be deaf if he will be adopted? if he is deaf i'm so glad i didn't leave him on that street. he's looking young too about 5 weeks. he's either going to my vet tomorrow or the humanie society i'm not sure yet

catlover2 July 12th, 2010 10:10 PM

I have a friend who got a white deaf kitten. She gets his attention by stamping on the floor and by 5 months he's really good at reading her hand signals for various things. The only thing is he meows louder than any of her other cats. :laughing: I noticed that old cats when they go deaf get louder too. How can you not keep a cuddly white cat? Go for it! :thumbs up

14+kitties July 12th, 2010 10:13 PM

Good luck MWW!! I have a feeling you may be adding another small one to your family. How can hubby turn away a poor baby with issues? :rolleyes:
You should see my big tough guy with the newbies here. He loves holding them. I bring one out of the bedroom and he is reaching for it. Just don't tell him I just told everyone. :D

mikischo July 12th, 2010 11:31 PM

Sounds like he is a real cutie and has stolen your heart already. I really wonder if he is meant to be yours.:rolleyes::D

Although white cats with two blue eyes are more likely to be deaf and white cats with one blue eye are more likely to be deaf in one ear, this is not a given. However, if this little guy has not been responding to sounds, he may very well be deaf (unless he is just extremely tired and relaxed).:shrug: I would do some other noise tests to see if you get any reactions.

Since so many people are looking for that "perfect" kitty, he definitely stands far less of a chance of being adopted if he is deaf.

I don't know if your humane society is no-kill, but if you are unable to keep him for whatever reason, please don't take him anywhere unless it is to a rescue or a no-kill shelter.

hazelrunpack July 13th, 2010 03:44 AM

It does sound as if he's found his :angel:, MWW! What does the Feline Trio think of him? I think if he gets three paws up, he should stay. :D (Yeah, easy for me to say from here, eh? :laughing:)

eturner July 13th, 2010 10:58 AM

I've seen over and over again that "found" little souls arrive on our doorstep or in front of our car etc. for a reason. It seems that you have been chosen for this little white bundle:thumbs up
I've never dealt with a deaf kitten but have dealt with a deaf pup and he acclimated really well to his forever home with very few modifications. The other posters are right though, he will stand less of a chance of placement at the HS so if you decide not to keep him, please contact a reputable rescue that will be willing to work with a special needs kitten for placement.
I can't help thinking that he came to you for a reason however. A month ago, I almost hit a collie puppy with my car, I got out and with the help of other drivers corralled him and knocked on doors for two hours (he of course had no chip, tag or ID). I took him home and my daughters boyfriend asked if he could visit his parents as they had just said goodbye to their collie two months earlier due to cancer. No pup has ever been in the right place at the right time, and I have no doubt that he was sent here to join that family. After newspaper ads, many notifications etc. with no owner coming forward (I would have been dubious to return him to such irresponsible folks anyway) Jake is now a doted on family member and is where he was meant to be.
Could this kitten have been guided to you for a reason :)?????

Lil Brown July 13th, 2010 08:14 PM

I know it's a fact, but still it's hard for me to believe a deaf kitten would have LESS of a chance at being adopted. I would be drawn to it even more.

Hope s/he finds a happy home- if s/he hasn't already ;)

Magicwildwolf69 July 14th, 2010 08:37 PM

sorry its been a couple days its been hetic here.

First of all the kitty is at the vet at the moment. He has been there since yesterday. He is not eating on his own. they are force feeding him at the moment. he's very lethargic and kind of depressed. so far they/we have done

he's been treated for fleas
he's on fluids at the moment
he's deyhradrated
they think he is about 5 weeks old
he only weighs 1.9 pounds so he's under weight
poor thing has been given vitamins meds to try to stimulate his appetite he's been dewormed he has been peeing but has not had a bowel movement yet could be because he's not eating solid food really.
it seems he is deaf and a little blind he has no reacation to sounds or quick movements.
he's very cuddly loves to be held and crys if you put him down.
apparently sometimes he runs around and trys to climb his cage but then he's back to sleeping and just sitting around.

(sorry spaced so werid i have been up since 430am to work and then went to vets to visit the little one)

Well hubby and i talked he's worried about his allergy's acting up with having a 4th cat and the amount of money it will cost. so far his aunt said she would take him. but she doesn't know that he also maybe blind i don't know if that will affect her answer. i already told hubby that if we aren't keeping him and his aunt doesn't want him i' personally going to find him a home with someone who will take care of him. so far my cats do not like him. eclipse really freaked out and hissed and growled at me. he attacked stormy and was unhappy the whole day the kitten was here. so at this point i don't know what is the fate of this little guy. actually at the moment hubby has named him cloud.

so the plan tomorrow if he's still not eating is to do more blood work and see how his kidneys, liver and so on are doing.

Any body have some ideas how to get this little guy to eat. i mean he literary turned his nose up at the food. its so heart breaking. the good news is though he's been tested for leukemia/aids and he doesn't have that.

say some prayers the little guy. i'll bring my camera tomorrow so i can get some pics.

hazelrunpack July 14th, 2010 10:24 PM

I'm sorry he's doing so poorly. :grouphug: Poor little guy has had such a hard start in life. At least he's in loving hands now! You're doing a good thing here, MWW! I hope he rallies and a permanent home opens up for him soon! :goodvibes:

mikischo July 14th, 2010 10:41 PM

My, what a rough start on life this poor little guy is having.:( Without your help he would have died all alone out there. You are his kitty :angel:.

Without further testing, it is hard to say at this point what is causing all the issues. It could be that a lot of the issues are a result of starvation or there could also be some other underlying problems. The bloodwork they are doing tomorrow should hopefully tell more about what is going on.

Kittens normally don't develop a good sense of sight until they are about five weeks old and their sight is not actually perfect till they are closer to eight weeks old. With the other problems he is having I am wondering if it is still possible his sight will improve as the other issues are resolved. Only time will tell. :fingerscr:goodvibes:

As far as not eating is concerned, probably the force feeding alone is the best recourse right now. I'm sure they are giving him a good high protein, high fat food which is what his little body needs right now. Hopefully after a couple of days or so he can be enticed to gradually start eating on his own.

Please let us know the results of the bloodwork tomorrow and we are certainly looking forward to seeing the pics.

Sending lots of :grouphug: to you and :pray::pray::goodvibes::goodvibes: that this little guy starts feeling better soon.

growler~GateKeeper July 15th, 2010 02:33 AM

:goodvibes: for the wee one :goodvibes:, likely not eating as mum may have not been able to teach him how to handle sollid food yet.

chico2 July 15th, 2010 07:34 AM

MWW,IMO,at only 5 weeks,sick and weak,he might just not have the strength to react,does not mean he's blind or deaf,but a vet should know that:confused:

My little foundling(Vinnie)was about 8 weeks when he came in to our lives,all white,odd eyed,not deaf..or blind.

I believe white cats are very adoptable,deaf or not,many people wanted me to give up Vinnie..

Hopefully this little one will have a chance to live:pray:

Magicwildwolf69 July 16th, 2010 07:04 PM

hi guys sorry took a couple days to post it was crazy here.

The stray kitten is now named mccloud. He's doing well. the vet was concerned because his protein was low and a few of his other levels. his white blood cell count was high so now he's on antibotics. last night we were talking and she didn't have high hopes for the little one. well talked to her this morning and he did almost a full turn around. he's still not eating on his own but is being force fed.

He has a home. he went to my hubby's aunt. she's only like 5 mins from us so i can visit all the time! she actually went half on the bill with us which was great cause it cost 1000 dollars :eek:

He's like a totally different cat. his eyes are so clear. he still seems to not be able to hear but she's ok with that. he'll be an indoor cat. we were going to keep him but my three just didn't do well and since we still have monster mil with us i wasn't going to try my luck.

He's very energic now. The vet was worried i guess cause it seemed he might have had some brain damage. somtimes he just blanks out where he seems to shut down. he wasn't holding his body temp well and he wasn't energic. So we decided to give him one more night and i'm so glad we did. so lets hope and pray that he starts eating on his own. hubby's aunt already loves him and i know she'll take care of him. i'm just glad he's alright. i feel so honored to have saved this little life. i'm just amazed at the great feeling it creates inside of you

i promise pics to come. i'm getting my computer set back up. hubby doesn't really want pics on his computer so i have to wait to get mine up and running.

thanks everyone and keep him in your prayers please!

Jim Hall July 16th, 2010 07:08 PM

very nice i bet he will start eating now tht he feels a bit better

14+kitties July 16th, 2010 10:47 PM

McCloud's :angel: was in the right place that day. :cloud9::grouphug:
Continued healing and growing for the little guy. :goodvibes::fingerscr:pray:

mikischo July 16th, 2010 11:36 PM

So glad to hear McCloud is doing better and has a forever home, thanks to his kitty:angel:.:thumbs up

:goodvibes::goodvibes: that he continues to improve and is able to start doing some eating on his own soon.

Looking forward to more updates and, of course, some pics.

chico2 July 17th, 2010 09:50 AM

That's great:pray:for continued good news:fingerscr
Can't wait for pics;)

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