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CoppersMom July 2nd, 2010 12:01 AM

Oxalate crystals and diet options for a cat
I was wondering if anyone here had had experience with or heard of feeding options other than Hill's Science Diet c/d for a cat with a history of oxalate crystals.

My cat is 11 now and has been on the Hill's for the past 6 years. When she was 5, she had a series of bladder infections which eventually resulted in her having surgery to remove three bladder stones which were tested and turned out to be calcium oxalate. She had been on Fancy Feast canned food during that time (I know, I know... I was just out of college and didn't know any better). I was told by our vet that she needed to eat the Hill's c/d (it had a different name at that time, x/d or something) canned food for the rest of her life.

The good news is that she hasn't had any recurrence of bladder issues in all that time while being on the Hill's c/d. However, as time has gone by, I've learned a lot more about what constitutes a quality pet food, and I would really rather feed her something that doesn't contain any kind of meat by-product or so many grains.

Unfortunately, our vet does not have any suggestions to offer at all and told me my only two options were the Hill's c/d or a similar prescription food made by Royal Canin (the ingredients looked just as bad to me when I checked their website).

I am willing to feed raw or home cook, and any suggestions of places I could look for more information would be much appreciated.


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