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Sujaki June 27th, 2010 10:06 PM

Been hearing some things about Orijen...
Now, I don't know how credible this is, but apparently, Orijen has been changing their ingredients (not for the better) and raising prices on their cat food.
I really don't know how true this is- but, the small privately owned store that I get my stuff from (La Maison du Chien in Laval QC) isn't going to get any new bags of Orijen anymore- apparently they changed their ingredients two or three times.
I found out about this when I went to the store and a teenage boy was at the cash and told me that they were not going to sell Orijen anymore because they changed the ingredients.. But he seemed unsure of what he was saying and stuff. We just bought wet food since they had nothing but big bags of Orijen left over.
Anyway, I had prom last night and was out all day today, and when I got back home there was a couple of samples of some dry foods (as well as only two cans of wet- good grocery skills, my dad has. :rolleyes: ). I guess the owners of the store were there to suggest things, and repeated the ingredients changing idea to my dad. I'm a bit annoyed that they went without me because I don't know whats going on now and I want to speak to the shop owners myself. :confused:
Anyway... Has anyone else head about this? I'm going to call the store tomorrow and ask about it, and I'll probably call Orijen too to get an idea of where the heck this is coming from. As far as I know, companies have 6 months of leeway before they have to change the listed ingredients, right?

Luvmypitgirls June 27th, 2010 11:00 PM

Does this pertain only to the cat food or dog food as well because the ingredients on the dog food hasn't changed on the bag...I would think if they change it they'd have to change it on the bag as well.:shrug:

Luvmypitgirls June 28th, 2010 06:25 PM

I wrote an email to Champion Foods to inquire about ingredient changes, they mailed me back a reply saying my question will be addressed within 3-5 business days, so I'll let you know what they say.

cell June 28th, 2010 07:09 PM

I think i remember something about whne a pet food company changes their formula there is a certain period of time they have before they have to change the packaging to reflect the update. Can anyone confirm/deny?

Also interested in what the ingredient changes will be. We are on regional red now and was hoping to keep going with the brand to fulfil one loyalty coupon, but will consider changing if I don't like the ingredient change.

Have also heard some people have issues with Orijen due to the high protein content causing high blood creatinine which could overload the kidneys, especially in dogs that aren't high energy/working types. I don't think I will stay on the same food forever but ingredient changing/unreliability could make my switch faster...:frustrated:

RUSTYcat July 1st, 2010 02:52 PM


Luvmypitgirls July 1st, 2010 05:42 PM

I heard back from Champion, they say there is absolutely no truth to it, they are not planning any ingredient changes, they made a couple changes earlier on and for the better not worse, something about sourcing fresher ingredients, to keep their products at their best.
Just thought I'd let you know.

DoubleRR July 2nd, 2010 01:52 PM

[QUOTE=Luvmypitgirls;933179]I heard back from Champion, they say there is absolutely no truth to it, they are not planning any ingredient changes, they made a couple changes earlier on and for the better not worse, something about sourcing fresher ingredients, to keep their products at their best.
Just thought I'd let you know.[/QUOTE]

That is what they told me, as well. They source their ingredients within a 150 k radius of the plant, to ensure freshness and quality inspection. They also are not taking on any more retailers--they simply cannot supply more.

tigereye July 7th, 2010 06:55 AM

The last time Orijen changed thier ingredience was when the Red meat formula came out about almost a year. Then there was 2007 when the had the shortage of fish diet because they couldn't get enough fresh fish, so actually they put less fresh fish. And then there was the time that they had to get into the US market and AFFCO told them they had to change their a few of their ingredience (I'm not sure of the date). Even dogfoodanalysis has their last formula change on archives. Don't forget it is a 5 year old brand too many changes for a small amount of time. It's not that is a bad food, but this food is unreliable and too much calories.

Red meat formula has not been touched yet, but who would pay so expensive for PORK for the same money you can get EVO RED MEAT better quality. But if affraid of the protien go with a brand between 25-32%. Taste of the Wild fish is 25% protien and no grains. Or Now also has no grains and only uses fresh local ingredients. Or just go RAW (not even RAW has as much protien as Orijen and RAW is only meat... go figure).

I'm not sure if the cat food got touched, but I am a little scared to feed my cat Orijen after the whole Austaralia thing. I mean don't other dog food companies go there too. They go through the same process. Never any updated on that, it just got dropped. Or how about the pet store owner that found little bones that looked like magets in the food, did you see what Orijen responded to her. [url][/url] you can see at this link.

The most apparent change was with Acana lamb, when they added CHICKEN FATto it. Talk about cheap ingredient and also no good for allergy dogs. But wait, they told me that chicken fat is not chicken, so allergy dogs will do fine. And gave me a list of what else it could be. Champion pet foods always seems to make up excuses for thier mistakes.

All small dog food companies use local fresh ingredients, like Go natural and Now to name one. Don't you find it odd that they are not taking on anymore pet retailers because they don't have enough to supply. In the US they are opening new accounts and also you get Orijen much cheaper there. I heard that they got sold recently to a bigger company, which also make Nutram, and they might change the ingredients again, probably to compete again in the US market. But I am not sure yet, so don't quote me just yet, just heads up. Anyways all kibble companies have thier problems.

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