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erinjayne May 4th, 2010 06:26 PM

Shocked, Disgusted.

Take a moment to read the above article, perhaps you have already heard about this situation. We are trying to figure out what could possible drive someone to become so violent towards animals. A lot say we have a potential serial killer on our hands, or perhaps it is the strong mexican/russian community or 'bible belt' down here that is showing a lack of respect for animals, I have even had someone suggest it is part of someones 'initiation' into a group of some sort.
Since these incidents we have had dogs go suspiciously missing, perhaps they are connected to the sicko out in Plum Coulee area.
Perhaps this dog is related...

What are your thoughts on these situations?

NoahGrey May 5th, 2010 09:53 AM

I haven't read the articles yet, however I can tell you that in my personal opinion the reason why there is such a lack of respect for animals, is because of the lack of our justice system. Animal cruelty is a joke in North America. Look at the supreme court in the states. They denied the banning of dog-fighting and crushing videos, as in selling, making, profit, etc. All while calling it calling it Freedom of Speech.

I have seen and heard animal cruelty. i won't go into the case (i was on a call and police were telling me the story), however I can tell you that an indivdiual was in court for animal cruelty(won't go into details, but cat was barely alive when police arrived) this individual was caught bragging about it at their place of employment. Apparantly he had done types of cruelty in the past, but was never caught. The officer wanted a ban on pets and jail time. The judge called the case and isolated case. He got off free. Officer said he was smirking when he left court. (The case was not in our district, the police officer and case was from a neighbouring city)

And you wonder why our animal cruelty laws are lack of. And while I have not been an Agent (i left before the course), I have assisted in quite a few animal cruelty calls. It is said, that Ontario has the best animal cruetly laws. I beg to differ, and people that i know in the field will quickly point out...that everything looks good in print. But that is another thread.

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