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Lonewolf_34 September 5th, 2002 08:55 PM

min pin can't poop
Hi,I have a 6year old min pin who is constipated,we tried the oil and it worked the first time but now its not working,He's howling in pain and I can't get into the vet till tomorrow.Anything I can give him to help..Thanks

herman October 8th, 2002 08:50 AM

constipation in dogs

Personally I wouldn't give him anything if you are going to the vet tomorrow.

Constipation can be caused by too little fibre in your dogs diet.

BUT it can also be due to a bowel obstruction (from eating bones which is a major no no) or a hernia.

A common reason for constipation in dogs is blocked anal sacs, which can be squeezed to relieve pressure but may be infected.

Either way a trip to the vet is the best solution.


mark October 11th, 2002 07:37 AM

hello, constipation is a huge problem with some dogs. the previous respondent is correct on all counts. this business of giving a dog oil is not efficient although it may be effective. if something is indeed blocking elimination or if there is an obstruction otherwise, this oil may allow some material to pass. This makes the owner think that all is well with the dog when in fact all that happened was that the obstruction moved a little to the side, allowing fecal material to pass. whatever is causing the obstruction is still there so a week or so goes by with the dog in horrible discomfort.
IF THE PROBLEM IS FIBRE: the fibre content can be increased by the addition of a 15ml serving of cooked oatmeal per 5kg bodyweight to his meals. it could also be that your pet food is of poor quality.
EXPRESSION OF THE ANAL GLANDS: it doesn't take a rocket scientist to do this yet it does get messy. most vets will do it for a minimal fee if they charge anything at all. it does involves the insertion of a finger into the dogs anus so the dog does express some surprize at the intrusion. if the material comes out like a strip of dried glue then it is indeed an anal gland problem. it may be only part of the problem so don't stop there.
OBSTRUCTION: GET an Xray. bones will show up clearly and the vet will make the correct diagnosis. Dogs have been eating bones for millennia and dogs have been dying a painful slow death from their eating of these bones for just as long. if they would only stick to bones that don't splinter but they don't. Dogs also eat socks, slippers, dog toys like those red rubber cones into which you insert peanut butter etc. and other items so look around to see if you are missing anything

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