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jandk70 January 31st, 2010 10:40 AM

Not sure What is wrong .....
Hello my name is Kathy...Our Cat Roo is 13.5 ....Here is some history on him....When he was 2 he was very sick , throwing up vomiting , all of a sudden, a normal healthy cat , playful, loving , turned sick very fast, it didn't take long , after trying different food, bloodwork, they did an x-ray to find the little guy ate pennies.....three of them.... Roo loved money he played with pennies all the time, they would be in your shoe , he loved it , well somehow he ingested was needed to rid him of the pennies and he made a full recovery........It wasn't for a few more years passing , around 6...we noticed him having problems with his bowels....strining to go , it was really hard for him, we tried so many things , until we got him on to Lactolose, which improved everything with him , he has done well with it , just really hated the taste, but better than him having to go through the constipation,.............September of 08 We lost Roos litter mate and Brother Rusty....rusty was a big strong orange cat who just loved to be loved , and loved food especially hard food.........Rusty had a Tumor that had grown on his intestine, up until this point he was fine, never any issues, we did all we could , even surgery to remove it , the surgery was a success, but he had gotten so weak , he was at the vet for 4 days leading up to the surgery , just to get him stronger , but he lost so much blood....and passed shortly after......
I know cats can grieve, and Roo became very vocal, downstairs meaowing so much all the time , I know he was looking and grieving, ....Both our cats have always stayed indoors , unless we went with them , usually on the leash , which they loved, this past summer Roo wa fanatic about outside, that is all he lived for , he would get so wound up to go ou, and even more vocal......we actually thought he could use a valium......when winter came, he just seemed so sad and mad, tired very quiet....appetite has dwindled to where we are now, and his contipation caught up with him, he was getting his lactolose regularly.....but 4 weeks ago , we took him into have an enema, he ended up with 2 , stayed overnight , and by this point he was loosing weight even more, ....They have always been on good food, Nutrience for the last 4 years , with a treat of the whiskas pouch ,

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