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bendyfoot January 31st, 2010 09:45 AM

What are the options for kitty arthritis?
Our oldest gal, Boo, seems to have some arthritis. For the past few months we've noticed intermittant limping, in what seems to be her front left leg, mainly upon rising after a nap. It's not an impediment in her day-to-day activities, and she's healthy as a horse in every other way.

We're going to raise the issue at her physical which is coming soon, but I thought I'd ask here to see what others have done. I know the basic supplement options (glucosamine etc.) and we have given one of our arthritic cats Metacam in the past, but we do understand the risks involved with that medication. I'm mainly wondering what other medication options are available (analgesic or antiinflammatory)

Thanks! :cat:

sugarcatmom January 31st, 2010 11:49 AM

Adequan injections are often helpful and can be combined with oral glucosamine/chondroitin and MSM. They help with cartilage repair and joint lubrication. Omega3 fatty acids are another option and have natural anti-inflammatory properties. Glyco-flex (contains green-lipped mussel, an excellent source of fatty acids and chondroitin) is something I've been using on my very arthritic kitty, along with Cosequin and osteopathy sessions. Acupuncture would also be worth looking into.

Pet beds with egg-carton foam or memory foam help with overall comfort, and my cat absolutely loves his heated bed.

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