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Elizabeth Ann January 6th, 2010 08:33 AM

Guinea Pig Questions
Good morning all,

I am hoping that I would find some answers here regarding the newest additions to our family.

For Christmas my husband got me two very cute and lovable guinea pigs whom I have named Ben & Jerry (after the ice cream manufactures). They are two brothers from the same litter (as per the pet store).
I didn’t know too much about these furry little love balls but I have done some research and am learning a lot.

I have already learnt that the store bough cage we got from the pet store was not nearly big enough so I made them a C&C cage. But I still didn’t think that was big enough so I am currently in the process of making them another C&C cage that is 70 x 56 (and two levels). I have started using fleece as bedding and have put a litter box in their cage. They seem to use it while the cage is really clean (for about three days after I change out the fleece). Then they just end up pooping everywhere. I am taking this as a sign they really like a clean cage and are very fussy about it. Once I have more fleece I will be changing it out every two to three days.

I have found that Ikea has the best price on good quality fleece so I will be going there in the next few days (once I have the big cage finished).
The reason why I am posting (and I think I may already know the answer to this) they seem to be trying to “have relations” with each other… In the dog would this is just a dominance thing. And if that is the case than I don’t have an issue. BUT I have heard many stories of people purchasing Pigs from pet stores (two boys, or two girls) and finding out they have a Girl and a Boy… and the way the pet owner finds this out is 30 days later they have baby pigs on their hands.

So I am really hoping that they are just trying to figure out who’s the top Pig.
(These actions are one of the main reasons the new cage is going to be so big. I just think that if they are able to get away from each other than I won’t have to cranky teenage piggies on my hands.)

erykah1310 January 6th, 2010 09:00 AM

When I was a kid we got two males from the petstore and sure enough 30 days later I was baffled as to why one morning when I got up for school I had a hamster in there with them.
My mom was less than thrilled but once she explained that there was a baby gp in there I was happy as could be.
If you pick them up and hold them upside down (on their backs) and press gently just above their genital region a penis should pop out... however if you press too hard regardless if male or female itwill appear to pop out anyways.
So gentle is the key.
Good luck

Jenkinsdjtg January 6th, 2010 09:33 AM

[B]How to SEX Guinea Pigs[/B] (this might be somewhat undignified, lol)
for more information on sexing and sexing young Guinea Pigs click >[URL=""][B]HERE[/B][/URL]<

The sows usually have a smooth swelling over their genital area. Sometimes, it can be bumpy looking, making you think it might be a male! If you gently part the genital opening, on a sow, a "Y" shaped opening should appear. [/B]

Press gently just above the genital area. If it's a male, you should be able to make the penis slowly extrude. Don't be fooled by appearances. Sometimes, it doesn't look like there is a penis there at all! Especially in heavy, older males, the penis can be "tucked away" in folds of skin, looking entirely like a female! You should TRY to get the penis to ease out. [/B]

[I]• If it is a male, you can usually feel the inner part of the shaft (which is under the skin) in the same area--just above the genitals -- by very gently pressing and rubbing your finger over that area. You will feel a "ridge" just above the penis.

• If there is a pucker or protrusion of skin at the top of the genital area, then that is a good indication that there is a penis tucked away underneath. But, be sure to get it to extrude to confirm it.

•Young males have a donut shape around their rectum where their testicles are.[/I]

Elizabeth Ann January 27th, 2010 10:45 AM

I checked them out and they are both boys... Thanks goodness. I love them and all but I don't what baby Piggies.

Anyways - made them a bigger cage but only the first floor is done at this point. They seem much happier. They don't hid as much and they seem to run around alot more. I am happy they are happy.

I have even started streaming them online so that I can keep an eye on them during the day. Here is the link;


Thanks for your advice everyone. I knew this was the right place to ask.

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