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TulipRoxy September 3rd, 2009 08:42 PM

Great Raw Food Supplier in Montreal Area!
I am so excited! I would a raw food supplier in the area. The company sells meat frozen in 2 lb blocks and they are very reasonable. They have chicken, horse, turkey, fish, and liver, or a mix that is 50 chicken, 35 percent horse , 5 percent fish an 10 percent liver.

They seem really good and they deliver for free! The prices are between 12- 21 dollars for 20 lbs!

Check it out :)


SheeB December 4th, 2010 09:01 AM

I wish I could read/speak French. Their website seems to not have a functioning translation on most of their web pages, so I am finding it hard to understand the pricing scheme. I understand there is Horse, Bison and Chicken and the Mix. I would want it without grains (cereal?), and it large quantities about 100-200lbs so I would assume the 5lbs tubes is the biggest format, or can I get it bulk in the 2lb cubes?

Loki Love December 4th, 2010 04:53 PM

I've actually been trying to get a hold of that company because I have a few questions for them.. sadly no one has responded yet :shrug:

luckypenny December 4th, 2010 05:47 PM

They have a FB page as well but no posts by members at all.

I just took a look at their website and they seem to currently offer only one 60 cents a lb. I'd seriously question the quality at that price, even at a bulk price :shrug:.

SheeB & Loki Love, have either of you thought to prepare it yourselves? It's really rather simple and you're in control of the quality. Even if you wanted it ground, it's not all that difficult.

Chris21711 December 4th, 2010 06:01 PM


I'd seriously question the quality at that price, even at a bulk price :shrug:.


I know next to zilch about feeding raw, but I agree with you on that one.....earlier this year Ethel was buying prepared raw for Iggy, 20lbs for $28....when I looked at the protein levels the highest was 13%, some as low as 11%....really when it comes to food, you get what you pay for.

luckypenny December 4th, 2010 06:06 PM

I did some more looking around and noticed that they also have sales 60 cents a lb with salaries/commission to pay included in they have to pay for the ingredients, the processing, the storage, the transport, etc. I'd really question what exactly is in that food :shrug:.

Chris21711 December 4th, 2010 06:10 PM

I just noticed LP this thread is over a year old, are they still in business?

luckypenny December 4th, 2010 06:15 PM

Last post on their site forum was Sept. 10 of this year. Last one on FB was Sept. 27...but there's no discussion anywhere, it just looks like advertising :shrug:.

Loki Love December 4th, 2010 07:46 PM

I am hesitant to jump in because of the price.. but I agree, it's considerably cheaper than anywhere else.

I'm a bit overwhelmed with the idea of doing everything ourselves. I know it's supposed to be easy once you get going, but I'm worried about missing out on important supplements, etc.

Loki Love December 8th, 2010 06:45 PM

I just wanted to update on this thread - we've actually jumped in and are doing raw on our own. After much reading (and researching) and discussing with a few people on different forums.. and then even more reading, we are just doing it.

It's been a struggle getting Loki to eat since Monday night (we hand fed him the chicken for a couple of meals, and then watched him play around with his food the next couple of meals) but tonight.. tonight he ate everything down and was looking for more!

We need to find a better supplier(s).. but I do think it's totally doable on your own and not necessary to go with the pre-fab stuff (you can't be scared to just jump in and do it!) :thumbs up

mhikl January 5th, 2011 02:59 PM

My Sadie favourite cuisine is Chinese
I just made this suggestion on another post but this seems a better place.

If you live in a city with a large Chinese community, look for an independent Chinese grocery store. I think the Hong Kong grocery store on 17th is an independent one and it sells fresh butchered meat. They wear fresh blood-stained cloaks like in the old days. Chicken necks $1.09/lb; feet $2.09/lb and a large bag of bones for $2. I counted my loot and each neck and foot costs about 24 and the bones about 20 (smallish, cut up).

I don’t know about the quality of those horse traders mentioned above but I do know the Chinese have a very high standard in the culinary department and I won’t buy my meat any where else. Fresh is their mantra. (I’d tell you my first hand monkey brain story but I don’t think it would pass inspection here.) Trust me. No one knows fresh better.

Here’s an important point. I have a friend who worked in meat packing and told me how liver you see wrapped for sale is packaged. The livers go through an auto-cutter and the mangled mess is automatically stuffed into giant plastic bags and vacu-sealed. (Very clean procedure as no human hands touch them livers.) Then workers inspect the bulging bags for any cancerous chunks and if a bag has one, it is assuredly tossed; probably sent off to make doggy meal.

My friend asked the health inspector what if the juicy cancer bits were tucked away out of sight when the bag is inspected. The inspector shrugged.

So, the lesson to this tale is: if like I, you are a liver lover, only buy your liver from a butcher who slices your supper in front of you.

Now anyone who thinks there is any more concern for pooch than there is for you and your two legged loved ones (not counting bird) by the food industry or government inspectors, get tested. Your brain may be fried.

Gotta go. Have a yearning for liver and forgot to pick up chicken backs and whole frozen salmon for my Sadie.

Oh, and look for AA-1 Sardines in hot tomato sauce with chili, 155g at Super Store, 69. The sade and I share a tin for breakee every day. The wifee makes the dog and me eat breakfast in the laundry room. Strange bird.


onethird April 11th, 2011 07:37 AM

I starting using a raw pet food supplier here in Montreal. The company is called RawPaw.

RawFeeder April 16th, 2011 03:05 PM

Don't like delivery!!!
I tried the Facon Fidel and also another guy who has big bricks (Charles maybe?) but my problem is this:
1) I can't see how good the meat is gonna be when it's that cheap. Taking operating costs and everything else into account, it can't be of any decent quality at that price, it's not possible.
2) The last time I gave my dogs these bricks of meat, one of them wouldn't eat it and then the one who did THREW UP after eating. Not a good sign

I heard about this Raw Paw girl from a friend, but I'm really turned off by the idea of meat for delivery. There's no way to know where it's coming from, the quality, how it's stored. And I don't like these generic brick formats, it's really hard to portion and I just imagine these huge slabs of cheap meat being cut into blocks.

I found a store in NDG called Bailey Blu that has all sorts of meat, and GREEN TRIPE, which is like gold dust and IMPOSSIBLE to find! They do it all themselves, which I like cause they told me exactly where it all comes from. It comes in different size containers too so it's easy to store, thaw and serve. And compared to all the other raw foods in pet stores, it's soooooo much cheaper.

So far, it's the best one I've found. Between what I prepare and the food from NDG, I definitely I feel better about the quality.

Hope that helps! :thumbs up

erykah1310 April 16th, 2011 03:51 PM

I get human grade chicken frames for really really cheap from a great butcher and deliver it to a few friends in the area. I dont question the quality of it just because it is cheap, When I go pick up 1000lbs of it i see the delivery trucks ( grocery store trucks) there picking up shipments and the display shelves are FULL of chicken when I pick up. Possibly because of my order.

MerlinsHope April 18th, 2011 05:16 PM

I find it interesting how people are still willing to rely on a commercial source of food, just in case they may not be doing things right... and that is probably one of the worse reasons to graviate towards commercial raw. I wonder if I can get you to rationalize that by purchasing commercially prepared raw, you are essentially doing the very same thing you were doing with commercially prepared kibble.

My question to you is, if you don't know what is appropriate for your dog, then how are you going to know if this food product you are buying is??? Purcahsing commercial raw is no different than purchasing commercial kibble. - You are relying and trusting on the manufacturer, and isn't that what we've done all these years with commercial kibble?

A natural raw diet, is just that... simple plain ole fresh meat from the fridge and it's truly not rocket science. If you can read the label of various meats on a tube of commercial raw, then you certainly can go out and purcahse the same thing.

Part of the principale behind the raw diet, is to know what is going in your dog. By purchasing a pre-made raw product, you really don't know what you are putting in your dog's mouth, unless it's simple plain meat, and if it is, it's certainly far better value at a store.

( Just saying)

onethird May 1st, 2011 06:18 AM

Yeah, RawPaw delivers and, in my humble opinion, I find it quite convenient. Saves me a trip to the store! And I asked her about how the meat is prepared and she informed me that she the meat is all handled in HACCP certified facilities which is good enough for me. You can search and search and inspect all of the meat farms you want, you can never be 100% sure that what you are getting is contaminant free. So, although I have never checked out Bailey Blu, in my opinion, RawPaw is a great Montreal supplier for anyone going RAW.

(And she has Green Tripe and a pretty decent price .... and it's delivered!)

MerlinsHope May 5th, 2011 10:13 AM

[QUOTE]meat is prepared [/QUOTE]

I guess this is where many raw enthusiasts don't agree with you. Meat isn't "prepared"... it's just... meat. There IS nothing to prepare.

the top 10 reasons ( and there are more) NOT to feed your dog commercial raw:

1: The food is not presented in a "natural state" - dogs need to have their food presented in as natural state as possible. When you deviate from this, you decrease the benefits of an appropriate diet- and raw neophytes really need to wrap their minds and understand this concept.

2: The dogs NEED to masticate bone and meat. This is the part that cleans their teeth, conditions their gums and tells their stomachs what type of food is about to enter. This cannot be achieved through minced or ground or combined up meats.

3: Commercial raw is invariably based on the incorrect premise that dogs are omnivores. Dogs are carnivores and yes, it does make a difference!

4: There have been a small number of cases where dogs have had impactions caused by the glob of pre-made and ground food hitting their stomachs, before their digestive system has had time to produce the necessary chemicals to process the food. Again, buying commercial raw is no different than buying commercial kibble and you put your dogs at the same risks.

5: The food contains unnecessary supplements.

6: It contains food your dog doesn't need - many pre-made foods contain things your dog doesn't need (they don't say this on the label though, do they!) and you label will never say "FIT FOR HUMAN CONSUMPTION".

7: Sorry, not matter what the regulations are, - you cannot be assured of the processing procedures used

8: If this one doesn't hit home, I don't know what will! It is far [B]cheaper [/B]to go down to your local butcher or supermarket and get your supplies

9: You know exactly what goes into your dog's food when you get it yourself
When you get your dog's meals ready yourself, you can make adjustments yourself

10: Your dog should not have a "balanced" meal everyday. It should vary. "A daily balanced diet" is great as a sales pitch for pet food companies, but does nothing for the health of your dog.

SO in fact, a great raw supplier in Montreal or any city, is your local meats on sale at the grocery stores, your local abbatoir, taxidermist, family and friends tossing out freezer burn meats, your local butcher and another other source of quality whole and un-altered meats. At some point most people will have to shop for themselves and their family so why is it so difficult to shop for your dog?

( food for thought)

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