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rockyclam1 July 29th, 2009 09:23 AM

Cat behaviour change with new kittens
I have two kittens, which I just got 5 days ago. They are so cute and lovable, and are really nice. Naturally, we are getting them adjusted to the house by having them in a room, with litter box, food, etc. I also have two chihuahua size puppies (at full size), and a 10 year old cat. Yesterday, we started to let them out. First we let them have the entire upstairs, which is simply two bedrooms, a bathroom, and a small hall. We blocked them with a gate. Our other pets had already met the kittens, and recognized their smell. The kittens were brave and longing, so following some advice, we decided to let them have the run of the house (except for now, the basement and family room). One of the cats came down, and our older cat was being better about it then I thought he would. He walked near where the kitten walked, and it was clear he was marking his territory. He didn't attack the kittens, so that was good. We let one of the dogs out from our hands, and they immediately terrified the kitten, so we decided that it was a night for the kittens, and we put them back in their room. [B]Now, occasionally, our dogs irk our older cat, and he hisses, but this is rare. In fact, he normally plays with them. Now, our cat was lying against the wall, and one of our dogs walked a good distance away from him, that is, not too close to get angry. However, our cat jumped up and ran at the dog, almost about to attack her. Is this normal behavior in this type of situation? If not, what should I do?[/B]

I would really appreciate comments and help.

14+kitties July 29th, 2009 09:31 AM

Yes, entirely normal. The older cat and the two dogs also have a lot of adjustments to make. Every situation is different. You have to remember what happened before the kittens came along so you can figure out exactly what to attribute to the "new" behaviour.
This is my absolute favourite among lots of terrific sites on how to properly introduce cats.


catlover2 July 29th, 2009 04:06 PM

My take on what happened is that your cat likes the kittens and followed them and rather than being aloof and pugnacious showed that he wanted to bond with them. When the dog attacked one of the kittens, he was just getting back at it for what he did to "terrify" his kitten. Cats are good at that. Now the question is, did the dog make the connection that if he goes after the kitten again Mr. Boss Cat will even the score?

Even with my 2 cats that cuddle together and adore each other, sometimes they do get into playfights where the male trys to dominate the female by nipping at her. She doesn't like that, and will get back at him 2 times worse what he did to her---not at that moment----but usually later in the day. :cat:

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