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Mat&Murph March 26th, 2009 12:43 PM

Our Funny Pet Stories
I thought it would be neat if we all told our favorit pet stories. Either about the pets we have or pets that have crossed over the rainbow bridge. Mybe even about friends pets. :crazy:

So I will start: we had to get Matt and Murphy out of province so they came on a plane. We went to the Live Cargo pickup in TO on the big day and we had to wait in line. There were about 8 other people waiting there as well for puppies flying in from all over. So of course as we are waiting we are all talking. As people's numbers are being called, the workers are passing out everybody's new puppy and of course as proud new parents everybody is showing off the new baby. My number gets called and I go up. The man tells me he is sooo happy that I finally came cause he is starting to feel guilty about going in the back cause the boys are just wiggleing with excitment. So he is finishing up the paper work the tells me to pull around to the cargo doors. My puppies are too big for him to bring out.

As we are leaving to get the truck, everybody says "where is your babies" I told them what we had to do and One man said well Holy They can't be that big!! They are only 3 months old" So we get the boys in the truck and pull around to a grassy area and open Matt's crate and these HUGE paws come out at us. Then we knew we were in trouble!!!:laughing::crazy:

Can't wait to hear your stories:D

CearaQC March 26th, 2009 02:16 PM

We had a cat named Nosey. And he realllly earned that name. He passed a few years back due to urine crystals and we had him put to sleep. :rip:

Nosey would get into everything. Once after putting Xmas decorations away in the attic, we all decided to go for a walk out in the snow. When we came back we couldn't find Nosey. So I said let's look in the attic. Sure enough once the hatch was opened up his little face poked out as if to say, "Hey, what's new? I meant to come up here."

The little bugger had climbed up the ladder and got stuck in the attic. But it was only for about an hour. :laughing:

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