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poodletalk February 8th, 2009 08:56 AM

Buddy Needs A Buddy!
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Buddy, an affectionate cat who had been living outdoors on his own in Park Extension, Montréal since last summer, is at last indoors, but really needs a real home with someone who will love him and keep him for life.

He is presently in my guest room crying to get out, but one of my cats doesn't accept him, hence his isolation. He was totally matted from head to toe, but he is sweet and adorable and only wants to be loved.

Buddy is now ready to be adopted by a permantent home, he has just been neutered, tested for FIV (results: negative!), he's been treated for parasites and fleas, his matted fur has all been shaved off, and he's ready to be loved by someone special. If you're interested in Buddy, please contact me

diandpat February 8th, 2009 10:22 AM

OMG He is just so sweet :cloud9: I wish I wish but even with my allergies, Hobo would have none of it....I have tried :sad:

Thank you for taking him in and I will spread the word!

14+kitties February 8th, 2009 10:35 AM

I hate it when I see a kitty who needs a home. But only because I know I can't take them. :sad: I am sure within the next few months I will be "finding" more around here too. He is so sweet. I wish I could help you too.
Meanwhile, he is safe with you. He has a loving home. :grouphug: Thank you for all you do for these guys. :goodvibes: for a loving, forever home soon.

Frenchy February 8th, 2009 10:58 AM

He's too cute with his new hairdo ! :lovestruck:

hazelrunpack February 8th, 2009 02:25 PM

I think the new 'do' is awfully cute, too :cloud9: What a sweetheart!

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