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Catlover0919200 January 12th, 2009 01:06 PM

Help with Cats personality please...
So l got a kitten back in Nov 08. I never had a female cat and only 2 cats in my entire, long, life. Right from the start, the day we got her, she slept in our bed due to her own wishes. Now she loves to sleeps on top of my husband or on my BACK. SHE lets me know to turn over so she can crawl to my back.
She is always in my face, licking, coming up to my chest when l sit and watch TV. Extremely persistant. Loves all my other pets, dogs. She does this thing with her paws, she puts her paw on my wrist or even mouth. She does not like to be alone and l dread the day where l will visit my grand kids with my dogs but not with her. ( l'd take her but the kids leave all doors open at their home and l worry my cat will come up missing). She is a great cat, l have no problems with her at all, she knew her name after two days being in my home. She loves to be carried hanging over my arm. l work part time and when l come home l get a welcome party by her like l was gone for years.
She owns me right ? I would like some advise on how l could break her habit of always wanting to lay with and on, especially me,to be carried all the time. l get nothing done on my PC or anywhere else. lf l don't do what she wants me too...she meows heartbreaking and literally will just jump on me. Right now l lay infront of my laptop..she curled up on my chest of course.

Love4himies January 12th, 2009 01:14 PM

If you find a way, let me know :laughing:. DH and I always have at least one cat on our laps at a time. DH sometimes two. One sleeps on the back of my legs, the other on my head, or at least on my pillow. One meows to be picked up and walked around. So I think this just normal personality for some cats and unless you lock her out of the room (which may be followed by all night meowing) then maybe all you can do is move her off you to the side of the bed.

While I am at the computer, I have found putting a chair (sometimes I need 2 chairs :rolleyes:), right beside me helps keeping them off the laptop or my lap.

TacoGrl January 12th, 2009 10:44 PM

x2 on the let me know thing! My Mooki used to sleep on the pillow next to me with her head and/or paw on my shoulder...if I moved in the middle of the night she would grab onto me with her claw until I moved back! Each cat has their own got a hug-bug :lovestruck:

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