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evalovinlucy December 29th, 2008 03:43 AM

bad dog behaviour in car, please help me!
My three year old male miniture manchester terrier is absolutly hopeless in the car. He wriggles whines and cries in the car, even on short rides.
We have tried rewarding his moments of quietness and yelling at him when he dosn't stop, but nothing seems to help.
We are planning on going on holidays soon and that means two and a half hours in the car. we really want to bring him but we are afraid we will not be able to cope with his noise. does anyone have and advice, techniques, or anything helpful that I can work with?
Please help. love Lucy

luckypenny December 29th, 2008 07:52 AM

A small cargo/traveling crate for your pup will help make him feel secure. Yelling will only increase his anxiety. Make sure he's well exercised and tired before you leave...a good long walk and a play session ought to be good. You might want to wait until you arrive at your destination to feed him, many dogs get nauseous during car rides. And for everyone except the driver, ear plugs may come in handy until he settles ;).

JennieV December 29th, 2008 11:16 AM

I think LP's suggestions are very good...I would add to put his favorite toy or two, his blankie in the crate, he will feel more comforted that way.. Also, its possible he may need a little bit of sedative, though I would go the crate route before medication route. As for the sedative, you will have to speak to your vet about it before doing anything.

Good luck!

Shaykeija January 1st, 2009 02:41 AM

try just sitting with him in the car for a few minutes...try desensitizing him to it, Make it a positive thing. treats happy talk etc. after a few trys take him on short rides. Like just around the block.

Longblades January 1st, 2009 09:16 PM

Do you know WHY he acts this way? I think most posters responding have assumed it's because he is afraid or nervous of the car and if that is the case then I agree with their ideas. But is that why? You haven't actually told us. The reason I question is because my friend's GR is the same way because he is THRILLED to be in the car, expecting it to result in a lovely off-leash walk. He is so bad she has had to pull over to calm him down and has missed doggy dates to walk with us. Her trainer has advised her to simply put him in the car every chance she can but not take him for a walk. She is to take him with her when she runs out to get milk, fill up with gas, pick up the kids etc, just don't let him think he only gets a car ride when there is a walk in it for him. In other words, she is trying to make car rides more boring and uneventful too but for different reasons than fright. Just in case it helps you.

allymack January 2nd, 2009 12:23 PM

Enzo my border collie used to hate rides in the car, he would whine and cry in the car, pant and shake, although you wouldnt believe it now, he loves the car. it took a while to get him used to it and get him comfortable in it. first i started out with having him by the car with the door open, and i would reward him for calm quiet behavior. next i got in the car, and i would rewad him for staying calm. next put a treat right inside the car, so he only has to stick his head in to get the treat. keep moving the treat a little farther back until his paws have to come in to the car and the he has to jump in. i couldnt get enzo to jump in so i had to pick him up the first few times and place him in rewarding him when he was calm. Once he is comfortable just sitting in the car, without it being on, or moving or anything, then you can start the engine, and continue to sit in there, rewarding calm behavior. Next step is to have someone drive you a very short distance, so you can stay in the back and reward constantly when he is calm. make it very short and very positive. you can use a favourite toy instead of treats if you like. it will take time and patience, but im sure he will catch on and learn to be comfortable in the car.

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