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histears July 29th, 2008 12:32 PM

Hi everyone I'm the owner of 2 dogs.
Hello here's a little about us.

I have a big dog and a small dog that absolutely adore each other.

Zena is an almost 2 year old Pit Bull Lab X who has a personality like no other. If any of you have ever seen "Anne of Green Gables" you will understand this. She has a fly and thud attitude and is definitely an emo dog. She loves to play fetch with whatever is on the go and she loves to cuddle. She is very protective and no we didn't teach her to be. She is very sensitive to angry people and generally won't let them past the front door even if she knows and loves the person. She barks and growls at new objects until she gets a real good sniff and she loves to run.

Pippin is a 6 month old Papillon Toy Poodle X. He is an adorable little guy who I'm sure knows no other emotion then happy. Very easy going and loves every one. He loves meal time and starts bugging you for his food a half hour in advance. He even loves the vet which is cool. He was really easy to train which is wonderful in a toy breed and in my experience rare.

My husband is a pastor for a street mission and I pretty much stay home all the time. I dog sit for my friends a lot and right now am keeping a dog for a woman at our residence. One of the women in the house is allergic so she can't keep her there. I have loved dogs all my life. My husband and I are both legally blind, him completely and me mostly. My dogs are great fun and very popular around here. Zena because of the fact that she is half Pit Bull has a bit of a rep with some unfortunately but, most adore her.

aslan July 29th, 2008 12:41 PM

Hi Histears and now that the crisis is over, welcome to the forum. Hope you enjoy your stay with us. and of course if its possible, we would love to see pics of the fuzzbutts.

14+kitties July 29th, 2008 12:41 PM

Welcome histears. That's quite the story!!
Your dogs both sound very well mannered and well adjusted. I have a 14 year old toy poodle who was a snap to house train when she was a baby. Within a week she was trained. I wish all dogs could be that easy.
I look forward to hearing some of your stories about your pets. I'm sure you have a few. :)

Frenchy July 29th, 2008 09:16 PM

Welcome to histears , I just saw your thread with pictures of your dogs , beautiful !!

Now I have a stupid question , you say you are mostly blind ? Can you see pictures on the computer screen ? :o

hazelrunpack July 30th, 2008 12:51 AM

Welcome to the board, histears! I saw the other thread with the puppy pics, too. :cloud9:

Enjoy your stay with us!

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