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babymomma July 23rd, 2008 10:09 PM

New here!
Hi there, First off id like to say that i have been lurking around this forum for months now, And i feel like i already know everybody, even though none of you know me! (creepy eh?:rolleyes:) Well, So everybody can know me, im going to tell you my life story!I live in Newfoundland, on 5 acres of land, and i have a huge house, I am A true lover of animals, I am so passionate about dogs its getting to be an obssesion (I can;t even explain how much i LOVE animals) .. My only problem is, I was born into the wrong family (my mom pointed that out to me) Because she isnt a lover of animals. I mean, She'll see a dog or anyother animal and comment on how beautiful they are, But the problem is she is VERY anal. She doesn't like the idea of having a dog in the house (total clean freak) But she also doesn't like the idea of having a dog tied outside for anymore than 20 minutes (thank Dawg for that!) So its pretty much a lose lose situation , it doesnt help that she is scared to death of dogs ( as well as horses). My dad on the other hand, likes dogs to a certain extent, he doesnt like them on the couch or up licking your face, but he does like them (he grew up with german shepherds), and he almost cried when a man was selling shepherds and mom said no (He was a BYB so thats one of the reasons for saying no, even though she probably would have said no anyways). Well My dads heart aches because i can't have a dog, or cat, I was allowed mice and hamsters , but when they passed over the bridge i wasnt allowed any more :sad:. My mom cries because i can;t have one, But she really dislikes them (if we had one she wouldnt treat it babdly, she would love it and treat it like gold, just because thats the type of person she is, it takes longeer for her to get used to the idea of a dog, know what im trying to say??) well, just before christmas, she decided having a dog was a pretty small scarifice for her daughter, so we went Dog hunting (omg, not like shooting dogs or nothinglol) We searched through aniaml shelters to find the Perfect dog. And we came acroos this cute lab shepherd mix, named trigger (gander and area spca) And i fell in love!!:cloud9: It was just about closing time at the shelter so we didnt have time to fill out an application. So my mom called in the next day and talked to the manager (whom , may i add is a total B-I badword, im not just saying that becuase of the event that took place, but becasue she has a very large chip on her shoulder that needs to be filled in) and said we wanted to adopt Trigger, well, she turned us away without even asking us questions, just because my mom winced when he jumped up on her (did i mention she is terrified of dogs that she isnt used to? she needs time to warm up to them before shes comfortable with them - bad inncodent as a child) So, i cried for weeks and began our search again, this time, we came across a 7 month old Purebred German shepherd (A lady was dying of cancer and had to give him up:sad:) we drove 5 hours to meet him and i fell in love all over again , but i have to say, i was more in love with sweet trigger (whom by the way is still in the shelter, and i went to veiw him in october). So we made arrangments to come back again the following week and pick him up, give her $900 and take him to his new home. Well, The poor lady died 2 days later and the dog was taken in by one of the ladys sons and was euthanized (Im not mad because i wasnt able to have him, just at the fact that he was killed and he was so young and not ready:sad:) My mom said that she had given up. And we werent meant to have a dog:sad: with brings me to present day, I have been suffering for 15 years because im in desperate need of a furry friend, And my mom made a deal with me, if i stop keeping on about a german shepherd, she will get me a SMALL BREED dog when my dad gets his 3rd paycheck from his new job (in alberta) And i want a yorkie or a chi (yorkies are my 2nd fav breed of dog) She pinky swore, and when my mom does that, it means she would give her life to fullfill her duties. So, i am waiting ti get my new puppy. I will be able to get one in 3 weeks (I have been preparing for this day for 5 years, filling my head with loads of information. But i still have alot of questions. Thanks for reading my novel, im sure i will tell more about me someother time.. Unless you dont wanna hear it.


Frenchy July 23rd, 2008 10:24 PM

:laughing: welcome to Jessica , the longer you wait , the more you'll appreciate your new pooch ! Will you be able to post pictures once you get him / her ?

babymomma July 23rd, 2008 10:27 PM

Oh definatly Frenchy, i already know how much you all like pictures!! lol..

hazelrunpack July 23rd, 2008 10:31 PM

Well, good...then we don't have to get [I]too[/I] demanding about it when you finally find a dog! :D

Welcome to the board again, babymomma!

aslan July 23rd, 2008 10:37 PM

lol, is it just me or do you guys feel like we've been being stalked:eek:. Welcome babysmomma we'll try not to put toooooo much picture pressure on you when you get your baby.

babymomma July 23rd, 2008 10:47 PM

[QUOTE=hazelrunpack;627511]Well, good...then we don't have to get [I]too[/I] demanding about it when you finally find a dog! :D

Welcome to the board again, babymomma![/QUOTE]
thank you hazel, and [I]Madame[/I] hazel (Told ya i've been lurking! ) haha

[QUOTE=aslan;627527]lol, is it just me or do you guys feel like we've been being stalked:eek:. Welcome babysmomma we'll try not to put toooooo much picture pressure on you when you get your baby.[/QUOTE]

Oh you've been stalked alright, Im stealthy, like a Ninja!

Oh, you guys dont have to worry about pictures, i am going to be very proud, so of course im going to want to show him/her off!!!

aslan July 23rd, 2008 10:48 PM

i hope you mean pictures of your fuzzbutt and not us, then i will be scared.:eek:

babymomma July 24th, 2008 11:49 AM

yes, i ment a picture of the fuzz butt. But im sure it wouldn't be hard to get pictures of you guys! :laughing:

ancientgirl July 24th, 2008 12:42 PM

Welcome to the board. You know, I never had any pets until I was well into my high school years. That experience didn't turn out well and I had to wait for a very long time until I was finally able to have a pet. My parents weren't animal people either. My mom passed away, and several years after my dad married a women who had a cute little maltese and a couple of yorkies. Yeah, you can say my dad has since gotten used to pups in the house. Not to mention my 5 cats when he comes over.

Having a pet in your home is just such a wonderful thing. It's like it brings your home alive. You know there is life there and it's wonderful.

I hope you get your pup soon, but just think of the waiting as a good thing. That means when the time is right, you are going to be all the more ready and will find the perfect little guy or girl.:D

babymomma July 24th, 2008 06:51 PM

Thanks for sharing your story with me ancientgirl!!:thumbs up Its nice to know im not the only one who had to deal with this!!

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