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Chii July 8th, 2008 08:49 PM

How to get my kitten to start eating raw food?
[FONT="Century Gothic"][SIZE="2"]Hi guys,

I recently bought Nature's Variety raw food ( Venison ). She really loves NV Instinct ( Venison ) so that's why I got the venison version of raw food. I tried to offer the raw food to her but she just sniffed and walked away. I even tried warming it up a bit by putting it in a ziplock bag and submerging it in warm water, but she still didn't bother. What can I do to get my kitten to start eating the raw food?[/SIZE][/FONT]

Frenchy July 8th, 2008 09:06 PM

For how long have you been trying ?

One of my cats didn't like raw at first but he got used to it after ... about 2 weeks ? Now he loves it :thumbs up

Love4himies July 9th, 2008 06:46 AM

I would give it some time, your kitty may not have been hungry enough to try something new at that time. Leave it down for a while and see if he tries it.

sugarcatmom July 9th, 2008 07:18 AM

You can also try putting just the smallest amount (pencil eraser size) of the raw in with the canned, and ever so slowly increasing the amount of raw. Lots and lots of patience needed! My cat hated the NV raw when he first tried it, but now he comes running for it. Good luck, and kudos for feeding your girl so well!

hungover July 9th, 2008 07:22 AM

hi there

not sure about cats but to get our bichons to eat new food we mix a squirt of salmon oil with water to make a "gravy"

the two best brands are kronch and grizzly

as well as getting them to eat it is generally good for them

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