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SparklingSparky June 12th, 2008 02:28 AM

Do we feed Carbo. to dogs?
Some research said that dogs do not need carbo. (simple and complex typed), and dogs cant digest them too. Those who feed raw also didnt feed carbo.

Research said dogs need protein, and dogs are born to digest protein.

So left[B] meat [/B]and bone to feed,and they are very [B]high percentage [/B]in protein and fat, is it very [B]dangerous and [B]unhealthy to dogs' health?[/B][/B]What percentage of (1) Carbo (Simple carbo. - grains), (2) Carbo (complex carbo - grinded vegetables) and meat to be feeded ?

Anyone give advise?

My dog is 28 lbs.


want4rain June 17th, 2008 07:51 AM

im sorry i missed this!!!

im not really sure what you are asking?? dogs dont NEED carbs but can benefit from them.

too much protein is a very old school way of thinking. too much plant based protein is harmful to your dog but a dog (balanced with organs of course) can do far better with meat only than a diet focusing on grains as THE source of nutrition (think Pedigree or Science Diet), considering they are carnivores, even if its opportunistic carnivores.

WE make sure 75% of Misters (our dog) diet is meaty bones/eggs or some other raw meat source and the rest of his diet is misc. stuff in as wide of a variety as possible.

he has allergies but apparently not to grains. we havent figured it out yet what hee DOES have allergies to.

both cats and dogs metabolize fat into energy so grains arent needed although they do come in handy for dogs. cats shoudl never be fed grains... they are obligate carnivores.


Jeeves June 20th, 2008 01:56 PM

Just one more note about feeding carbohydrates to dogs. A dog lacks the digestive enzymes in the stomach to effectively digest carbohydrates, so the food will sit in the stomach for upwards of 12 hours, while the body is searching for enough enzymes to digest the grain content. What happens at that point is something called enzyme robbing, where the various organs of the body are called upon to supply the appropriate enzymes. Recent research has apparently shown that allergies can be the result of this enzyme robbing. So if you can stay away from carbs almost entirely, and feed a species appropriate diet of raw or cooked meat, you will be well ahead of the game:)

Sabine June 20th, 2008 02:48 PM

There are carbs and there are carbs. ;) I do feed my dogs raw and the best "vegetable" you could feed to a dog would be green tripe. :) Would that answer your question ? :D I personally have never seen a wolf or coyote go through a field of corn or other vegetables munching on them. *lol* They do, however, eat the stomach content of their prey and that's their 'vegetable'. The protein in dry dog food consists mostly of soy, not animal protein and isn't really all that good for our four legged friends. The higher quality kibble fares somewhat better in that regard but is not species appropriate either. :) If you really want to feed the way nature intended you would have to feed an entire carcass, but I for one couldn't stomach that. :o

@Jeeves: well said ! At times where I had to feed kibble to my dogs, I ALWAYS supplemented them with digestive Enzymes. (ProZyme) to help along with a proper digestion.

want4rain June 22nd, 2008 06:37 PM

well said BOTH of you, tripe provides many (by nature) of the things a dog neds to digest what came along in a stomach which is what makes tripe so great (and so stinky!)

i also can not imagine a wolf frolicking through a wheat field nipping the seeds.


SparklingSparky June 22nd, 2008 08:12 PM

Do we need to feed Carbo. to dogs?
If we only feed meat and bones, wont the percentage of calories from proten and fat very high (scary)??

want4rain June 23rd, 2008 12:55 PM

for people yes. dogs and cats both derive much of their energy from fat. :) do some hunting around on it. i found lots of information on how dogs and cats process meats and fats differently than people (and a few sites compared them to rabbits and horses also, to better illustrate the difference)


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